Been pretty warm here in Florida

Yep,,, we are still at Lazy Days in Seffner Florida but we are fine with it for now.

We are all moved out of our old coach and pretty much everything we wanted taken care of has been addressed on the new coach except for 2 tiles that have scratches in them that will be replaced. And we have a squeak in the bedroom floor so they will take out some grout in about 3 places and drive screws into the 2 subfloors.

Then we have a couple spots on the outside that need to be taken care of at the paint booth and we should be on our way.

Buying a motor home is more like buying a house than a car, well it IS our house LOL!! There are many more things to check out than when buying a car so it certainly takes more time to get it to the stage your happy with. Even though you would think that for the money they charge for these things they would be closer to perfect straight from the factory,, but heck no!!

One of the head service techs here said there are on average 15 to 20 items that they will need to address on a new motorhome once it hits the new owners before it ever leaves the lot. Our list was 17 items PLUS the things we wanted switched over from our old rig.

Once everyone was on the same page things have been moving along pretty good and especially after we were able to start staying in the new coach the stress levels have dropped dramatically LOL!! Don’t get me wrong, we would love to be even farther south here in Florida to check things out but it isn’t all that bad where we are and we have really been meeting some nice people and making what we hope will be friends to run into in the future.

And from watching the weather we are darn lucky to be where we are!!! The temps have been in the low 80’s every day but is supposed to cool into the upper 70’s later this week which will be just fine with us. We are thinking about all of our friends back home in the cold and the ones scattered around the USA right now.

About our only concern is if we get out of here to close to the holidays we might have a hard time finding a spot to stay. This time of the year is the popular time for snowbirds to come down and fill up the campgrounds. And because we had no, and still have no real idea of just when we will get out of here we have no reservations. Oh well,,, we will make comes along work one way or another.

We are hoping to have the tile done today and have a much better idea of just what the timing will be to get out of here today as well. But with no place to be and no one waiting on us we are just fine.

Well,,, it’s time to go met Cliff and Betty for breakfast!!! This is pretty good,,, get all these free meals and don’t even have to hold up a cardboard sign.

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5 Responses to Been pretty warm here in Florida

  1. Lar says:

    Yes, kind of cool up here, 8 degrees yesterday and 10 this am at our house, lower temps reported around. First time I can remember single digit temperature in the 30 years I have been here. Snow will be around for a while. Glad you are close to getting the new home squared away.

  2. wboverbay says:

    Thanks for the update. Good luck getting everything finished and to your satisfaction. Sounds like you are in good hands at LD. Did you have any kind of check list that you used to inspect your coach? If, yes, would you care to share it with us? Thank you.

    OWV, Our Wondering View

    • Dave & Diane says:

      There are so many things to check it would be almost impossible to really list them all.
      Most dealers will take you through an initial walk through to show you how everything works. I recommend to keep that at YOUR pace. Don’t let them rush through it, ask questions and take notes if you want. You and your tech just might find issues at that time.
      I would also ask your dealer if you can camp on their lot for a couple days so you can check everything out at your own pace and familiarize yourself with the RV. If not at least find a campground that is close to spend a few days at.
      And during that time USE EVERY SINGLE THING IN THE RV!! Use all of the air conditioners, heaters, cooktop, refer, every faucet & sink and check for leaks while doing so, microwave, toilets, shower, inverter, TV’s, stereo, every light and fan, make sure every plug works, run the slides in and out more than once and watch for issues and listen for odd sounds, check the floors for any marks made by the slides, open and close every window, put out all of the awnings, open and close all of the doors in the cupboards and check door alignments and loose hinges, make sure all of the shades operate correctly, check for any loose moldings, look over all of the furniture for marks or imperfections, check the outside for cracks, scratches, swirl marks and chips, make sure all of the outside compartment doors work smoothly and line up, check the jack’s, run the generator if it has one and run everything you can while it’s running as well, check the roof (Delivery drivers can hit stuff to), slide underneath the RV and have a look for anything bent or rusted or leaking.
      Those are all basic things and if you are looking at a motorized RV the list gets a WHOLE LOT LONGER.
      Just remember there is a lot more to the RV than glitz and glamor. We all get caught up in the WOW factor when we first see or RV’s so once again the best thing I can suggest is to camp on the dealerships lot for a few days if possible and use everything. If you find any issues (AND YOU WILL so don’t be discouraged) you will be fresh on the dealers mind and you can probably get things fixed up and be on your way in a timely manner.
      We are lucky that we are fulltime and have no place to be so hanging around the dealership for as long as it takes is really not a problem. And being at a dealership with a good spot to stay AND provides free meals at he same time is a huge plus LOL!! But not everyone is that lucky and time can become a issue.
      Just remember,,, it’s all part of the journey

  3. Glad to hear things are moving along. I guess that’s one of the advantages of the FTing lifestyle. We really don’t have to be somewhere with certainty most of the time. Love the pictures of the new rig. Heck, I’d just love the heated floors, fireplace, and corner TV.

  4. Brian Anderson says:

    Good info

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