We may NEVER get out of Seffner!!

Monday 12/2/13 We may NEVER get out of Seffner!!

It was pretty darn easy for Lazy Days to take our money when buying the new coach but I’m not sure just WHY I thought the switch over of all our stuff from the old coach to the new would be an easy thing to do.

Lazy Days is a very very high volume place so even after you make it into a bay where everything should move along at a steady pace it certainly DOES NOT!!

After analyzing the situation I have come to the conclusion that they bounce a tech around between 2 or 3 units at a time instead of working on a project until completed. The time spent going back and forth and figuring out just where they left off is a complete waste of time and non-productive. And with the number of units they have to work on they do not have the luxury of having any non-productive down time if they have any hope to keep the customers happy.

At the rate they are working we will be spending Christmas here LOL!! Oh well,,, free space rent,, free food,, free booze,,, warm weather,, maybe we should just go with the flow LOL!!! Ahhhhhh,,, no.

They did start installing the solar but after 2 days it is far from being completed which worries me. The original install took less than a day.


And the Progressive EMS (Energy Management System is installed and seems to be working properly. But that was the easiest of all the projects that need to be completed.

The EMS system is the black box o the right.

The EMS system is the black box o the right.

At the end of the day Monday I already let the person that is first in line of getting our coach done know I would be going up the ladder one step on Tuesday. And when I reach that step I already plan to find the person that is above them just for good measure. And I planned to have a word with the onsite Tiffin rep to get him more involved.

I guess I will have to dig deep and find the old Dave that I have been trying to bury and let him run ramped for a bit LOL!! I have really worked hard at putting that more aggressive Dave in my past and live a much more mellow life but in reality the real world will not totally allow that to happen. I probably won’t be very popular by the end of Tuesday morning.

Other than the irritation of playing the game with getting our new home ready to hit the road we have had a pretty good time.

Charley and Marry Ellen headed off to their new location on Sunday. We really had a good time visiting with them while they were here and hope to run into them again,, and have a feeling we will sooner than later. With just a little luck we will be traveling right past them when we leave Seffner and head to Naples. Maybe we will stop and spend a week just to visit a little more.

Charlie and Mary Ellen

Charlie and Mary Ellen

And we have meet a few other couples while here and shared our table,, or there’s over cocktails and food. In some ways we find we meet people even more while at a place like this compared to a campground. I guess one reason is everyone is in the hurry up and wait mode and we all have that in common from the get go.

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One Response to We may NEVER get out of Seffner!!

  1. So sorry to hear that things are not moving along as smoothly as you’d like, but I have heard this same tale from many other customers of Lazy Days. (Hopefully, everything will work as designed after the installs are complete. Again, that has not always been the case either.) We’re crossing our fingers for you guys.

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