Still hangin out in Seffner Florida.

We are still in Seffner Florida!!

A brief update on our exchange of homes… Our new coach went in for PDI to have all of its components checked out and a good detail on Monday 11/18. We knew that would take a couple days. So we sort of kept track of where it was as it moved. But Wednesday the 20th we couldn’t find it in any of the bays so we wondered around the lots and ran across it sitting in a single spot by the delivery area.  We thought GREAT, it will be ours any time now!!!

But as we walked around it I noticed a chip in the paint and a scratch that was not there before. So I contacted Jimmy, our service adviser, and he confirmed that it would need to go to paint and they were backed up and he didn’t know when it would get in.

I mentioned to Jimmy that we could be doing things like taking our solar, EMS system and brake system off our trade to make use of the down time waiting for paint and he agreed. So Thursday we moved from the campground to the delivery area where our trade and new coach sat side by side. Plus there are no campground fee’s as long as we are in the delivery campground. So now it’s 3 free square meals a day AND free camping LOL!!! All in all we are paying out the nose for the camping and food but it’s fun to joke about and it is a nice perk while we are here.

Thursday afternoon we did our walk through on our new home and added a few things to the punch list of things that needed attention. And then headed to Happy Hour and that took care of the remainder of Thursday.

Friday we spent the day moving some stuff from our trade to the new unit. How did we gather so much stuff over the last year!!! And why do I have so many pair of black socks!!! I spend 90% of my time in sandals for crying out loud.

Saturday they took our trade away to take the solar, Progressive EMS system and Air Force One brake system off. And then brought it back over after about 7 hours.

Sunday was another move and organize day but Monday at 9am they came to get our trade once again to take a couple more things off and about 9:30 they came to take the new coach to paint!! LOL!! That created some hustle moments on our part.

Before long they brought our trade back and at least we had a place to hang out while the new rig was in paint. And we knew the new rig would be in the paint for at least 2 days so we were in chill mode again.

Oh I forgot. I had ordered two more Lifeline batteries so when we switch the 4 from our trade we would complete the bank of 6 in our new coach with lifelines but when I checked my credit card online I saw that they charged us for 4!!! So of course they refunded the difference. But of course they credited the entire original transaction and then re rang the proper amount. And we all know that the charges are instantly on your account but credits can take up to 15 days LOL!! So we will have to pay the extra and then end up with a credit. No REAL big deal but still frustrating.

Tuesday afternoon our new home left the paint bay and made its way to the area where it was supposed to be parked in a bay for the night and then work was supposed to begin again on Wednesday. The paint turned out great by the way. You can’t even tell anything ever happened.

Tuesday night after everything was almost closed up I wandered down to check on our RV only to find it still parked outside and unplugged. I asked the only worker I saw still around if he knew if our rig was going to be put in a bay tonight. Of course he had no idea and the guy that normally shuffles rigs around the lots had gone for the evening. But he said if I would spot him he would back it in a bay and plug it in. NO PROBLEM I said!!

Wednesday they worked on the new rig all day. The tech was able to get our Progressive EMS installed and the Air Force One brake system as well as a couple minor things inside like some loose molding and miss adjusted doors.

We made a deal with our service advisor to have our new home brought back up to our camp site Wednesday night so we could spend Thanksgiving in our new home. As well as work on organizing and moving a few more things over from our old rig. And they did bring it about 6PM.

So Thursday (Thanksgiving) we were able to spend organizing and using some of the components like the washer and drier, dishwasher, microwave and induction cooktop to make sure they all worked to our satisfaction. Watching football was an off and on luxury for the day it seemed.

We did take time to make a small Thanksgiving dinner so we didn’t work the entire day away.

So there you have the rundown of events concerning our new home but there was a lot more mixed in. Rob and Nancie who we met last winter while boon docking in Quartzite Arizona  saw on our blog we were in Seffner and came by to visit one day. Unfortunately it was while the techs were wanting our rigs so we were not able to visit very long with them.

Also while going through the line at Happy Hour one evening we ran into Charlie and Mary Ellen who we met while in Pennsylvania camping. What a small world it is becoming LOL!!

We have had a few meals with Charlie and Mary Ellen and will most likely see them over a few more meals and Happy Hours before they head farther south on Sunday.

I’m sure Friday morning the tech will be knocking on our door at 9am wanting to take our new home back to his bay to finish up. It will probably take another 2 full days. But if it takes longer so be it. We will not be leaving until everything is 100%.

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One Response to Still hangin out in Seffner Florida.

  1. Ingrid says:

    It’s a small world sometimes especially this RVing and blogging community. It’s always fun visiting with like minded folks 🙂

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