Our new Tiffin 42LH !! We took the plunge

Well we took the plunge and bought a new RV. Yep, once we started approaching our one year mark of traveling and decided we wanted to continue the life style for,, who knows,, 2 3 4 more years we started thinking of just how comfortable we want to be while doing it.


We bought the rig we started this journey in new back in 2007 and it had been very reliable. We also made a few modifications to make it fit our needs like adding solar, changing out the TV’s, having a cabinet shop build a nice computer station and installing MCD shades. But for long term it just wasn’t what we wanted to live in.

We thought long and hard about forking out the money for a new rig but decided we worked many hard years to reach this stage in our life and if we are going to really enjoy it we should make the change now instead of later.

As everyone knows, it’s pretty easy to justify just about anything LOL!! But we figured now that we are living and traveling in it every day having a warranty is important. And even though our old rig had been very faithful to us it was getting a few years under its belt and there was no warranty left to fall back on.

Plus the improvements they have made on motorhomes are pretty impressive.

We won’t drag this out going over the entire process because it was spread out over months even though we really never mentioned it in our blog. But just know this. We did our research, read many many forums and reviews on numerous RV’s, drove a few different rigs, considered switching from a motorhome and going to a truck and 5th wheel, and certainly worked numbers with a few different dealers to make sure we were getting the best deal we could. The entire thing was fun in its own way but at the same time draining and took some time away for the relaxing life we enjoy LOL!!

At the end of the process we decided to stay with a motorhome because we tend to move locations every week and a motorhome just fits the bill for that a little better FOR US. Others will certainly have their own opinions on that topic but that’s what makes us all individuals.

We decided to buy a Tiffin Phaeton 42LH. We have had such good luck with our past Tiffin that we feel very comfortable with our decision.

We have not really moved in yet so once we do it will have a more personal look.

We have not really moved in yet so once we do it will have a more personal look.

Some of the things we love about it in no particular order.

#1- 450HP Cummins engine. Compared to our 07 there is a night and day difference in torque.

#2- Tag axle. The tag axle gives better stability on the road and give us some extra carrying capabilities even though we never had any issues weight wise.

#3- It’s an all-electric coach. No more dealing with propane.

#4- It has a residential refrigerator. So much more space than in the Nor-cold we had in the 07. Especially in the freezer area which will be a huge difference for us meat lovers. We can take advantage of good deals and good butcher shops when we run across them.


#5- A induction cooktop. Again no gas to deal with and less heat put into the motorhome while camping in warm areas. Plus even though we have not experienced it yet we hear it’s a great way to cook, and safer.


#6- Floor tile everywhere. No more carpet in the bedroom!!

#7- Heated floors! Yep all of the floors are heated. That will be so nice on those cold mornings I’m sure.

#8- Aqua Hot. Which means a heating system that runs off of diesel OR electric and provides constant hot water and a more moist heating system for the living area. Again no propane and no dealing with a small water heater (which was no problem for us).

#9- It has a dishwasher!! Other than Diane LOL!!! Diane didn’t really care about the dishwasher but I thought it would be nice to have.

#10- The front TV is down where you can watch it and not get a kink in your neck or have to recline in a chair to see. Plus there is an electric fireplace below it for that homey feeling. A lot of mornings in cooler areas I break out a small portable heater instead of dealing with the propane. So with the fireplace and Aqua Hot life just got easier.


#11- The lighting is like night and day in the new coach. There are far more recesses lights in the new unit and everything is LED.

#12- The new unit has a king bed compared to the queen in the 07.

#13- A bath and a half in the new coach. It may sound funny but to have the larger rear bath just makes it so much more like a home to me. And the half bath,, well not such a big deal to us but it just could come in handy at some point.

#14- There are 3 air conditioners on the new unit compared to 2 on the 07. Two was fine and we found ways to make it work for us in hot weather but having 3 will just be that much better.

#15- A 2 stage Jake Brake compared to the exhaust brake on the 07. The system on the 07 always served us well but without a doubt the Jake Brake system is better.

#16- The slides are wider so when they are out it makes for a little more living space than we had in the 07. The downside to that is it makes it a little harder to get into outside bays while the slides are out.

#17- A stacking washer and drier. Our old rig had a combo washer and drier. And even though we never had any issues with it’s performance the stacking set HAS to be a bit better.


There are numerous more things that make the new unit better like the seatbelts being integrated into the seats making them less hassle to turn around and make part of the living room, a wider front door, a L shaped couch, pull out shelving in the kitchen cabinets, better electronics, larger and better inverter, nicer décor, 2 more air bags on the chassis, better outside camera system, an outside TV that’s in the sidewall and not taking up storage space below, a larger generator and on and on and on but you get the idea LOL!!

Some of the improvements I mentioned earlier that we made on the 07 will be transferred over to the new rig. Part of the deal was to have the solar, our lifeline batteries and our Progressive EMS (Electrical Management System) moved over.

Now I guess the process of working out the bugs on a new rig will begin. Even though you wouldn’t think so it seems there is always a punch list to have taken care of after a short time in a new motorhome. There are so many components in a motorhome that if you expect things to be perfect from the start you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

In fact just after the test drive we found an issue with the flip up computer table and an outside bay door that was not aligned properly and the electronic dash was not programmed. All simple things that we would all wonder,,, HOW DID IT LEAVE THE FACTORY THAT WAY??!!??!

Jack felt right at home as soon as he came in LOL!!

Jack felt right at home as soon as he came in LOL!!

I think our plan is once we leave Lazy Days we will head farther south in Florida, put a few miles on the new coach and use it the way we will be using it to see just what things pop up. Then if nothing major happens after a few weeks of touring southern Florida head back north and stop at Lazy Days again with whatever punch list we come up with to have repaired.

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25 Responses to Our new Tiffin 42LH !! We took the plunge

  1. Loretta says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Bill and I wish you good luck and safe travels. Next year we will be in the market for a replacement.

  2. Congratulations on the new coach. We are so jealous, but we’ll just have to keep our old 40′ Phaeton. LOL. Really a beautiful rig and I’ll bet that Jack loves that position in front of the fireplace.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Thanks!! And yep,, Jack has made himself at home in that spot so that’s where we put his bed. Now I suppose he will want the fireplace running, without the heat function I’m sure. Spoiled dog.

  3. Lar says:

    WOW, another great report, as we expected. We knew you would have done the homework on what unit would be best for your needs, and this one sure sounds great. Eliminating the propane issues sounds smart. Good for you guys. Happy trails.

  4. Kelly says:

    Beautiful new rig, enjoy!! 🙂

  5. Tom & Carol says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful new coach! You don’t have to justify a thing – the reason why most of us have an RV is because we did work hard and long so that we could enjoy the lifestyle we wanted and didn’t expect the government (or others) to take care of us along the way.
    Safe and happy trails!

  6. colibabas says:

    Congrats Dave and Diane…that’s a beautiful home. Jack is one lucky dog having you for a mom and dad!
    Safe travels!

  7. Congratulations! However, we thought you had ordered an Entegra at the Hershey show for delivery at RVOne Orlando in early November. What happened.

    Safe travels.

    OWV, Our Wandering View

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Thanks!!! As far as the Entegra goes, RV One had one already on the production line that we put money on but after further thought we decided it just wasn’t what we really wanted so we switched gears. The Entegra is a great looking and well put together rig but it just wasn’t going to fit our needs. It’s to bad because we really liked the fit and finish.

      • We are pretty sure we met you towards the end of the Hershey show when you were trying decide between the Entegra and the Tiffin, and were impressed that you were making the change from Tiffin to Entegra. If you don’t mind what was it about the Tiffin that made you change your mind; that made it more suitable for your needs? We read your earlier list of things you like about your Tiffin, but many of the items are also available on the Entegra, so when it got down to it, what was/were the primary differentiators that put you into the Tiffin? BTW, we did order an Aspire 44U, and we are hoping it will go into production by the end of next week.

        Melissa and Bruce
        OWV, Our Wandering View

      • Dave & Diane says:

        Hello Melissa & Bruce!!! I’m happy to hear you have a new rig coming!! Congrats. Now let the wait begin LOL!!
        I didn’t really cover our search for a new rig on our blog and I didn’t do all of the comparing of rigs online because it is such a personal preference thing and just because I like something does not make it right for anyone else. But because you asked,,,,,
        The Entegra 44B was close but if you notice in the living room area on the driver’s side you lose the chair. It bugs me that by going longer you lose space in the area where we spend the most time. And for US going longer than the 42 just didn’t seem like the right thing to do. We spend,, or at least try to,, time camping in smaller parks or state and federal campgrounds that get a little tight at times.
        We really wanted a bath and a half when we started shopping and unless we went to the 44’ we could not get the floor plan we wanted. The Refer location in the RBQ just was not going to work for us.
        Plus with the Aspire we would not get the all-electric that we get in the 2014 Tiffin Phaeton 42LH. And we are not willing to pay the extra money to go up to the Anthem. Even though it would be the level we would want I guess.
        We would also have to move up to the Anthem to get a diesel burner Aqua Hot system where we get it in the Tiffin Phaeton 42LH.
        Even though it is not a huge thing to us. And even though there are bad and goods points for both systems I hear that the heated floors are more consistent in the Tiffin’s.
        And even though we love the flush look of the windows in the Enegra and could live with them we are people that love the fresh air and the sliding windows in the Tiffin and the roof vents in the front section just provide more of it for us. Plus the new windows in the Tiffin are pretty flush looking and they paint the frames so they look pretty darn good.
        We also like that the eating area is on the passenger side where we will look out over our site instead of the neighbor’s yard for a change. But that’s pretty petty LOL!
        We would love to have the 150 gal fuel tank and independent suspension but again we would have to move up to the Anthem or Bus and that just isn’t going to happen.
        For us,, the Tiffin or Winnebago Tour would be the best. But for those of you that picked the Entegra,, good on ya!! You have a very nice rig!!
        Even though the Entegra IS a very very quiet ride we only travel 2 or 3 hours per week but LIVE in the coach the rest of the week. So I’m not willing to hang my hat on the quiet ride as much as the sales people do when talking about the Entegra.
        Like I said, I wish we could mix and match between the Entegra and Tiffin and I think we could create a PERFECT RIG. The only problem with that is it would only be perfect for us LOL!!! Maybe not anyone else.
        The one we picked at the Hershey show was actually the 42DEQ but once we stepped away from the show we realized just how many times we said,,, we can live with that,, like the windows, the lack of vents, not all electric, and the biggest thing the bath and a half we knew we needed to step away and rethink what was really important to US,, and that’s just US.
        I sure you will be very happy with your choice and I hope to meet up with you guys sometime down the road!!

  8. Wow! That is beautiful! Seeing that makes us think twice about the 5er vs MH dilemma. ENJOY!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Thanks Sheryl!! And I hear ya when it comes to being a tough choice between 5th wheel and motor home. 5th wheels have always seemed more homey but the motor homes have come a long long way in that category.

  9. Lee and Coleen says:

    Beautiful home. Perfect for you, Diane and Jack. Looks so comfortable. Love the picture of Jack in front of the fireplace. Don’t know what more you could ask for. So happy for the three of you .

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Thanks guys!!! Once we get ting organized we will be very happy. Hope you have a Great Turkey Day!!

      • Hello, Dave and Diane,

        We tried to reply to your comments on why you went with the Tiffin in response to our questions, but there wasn’t a reply option -maybe the combined length of our post and yours, made it too long to reply to. That said, we wanted to thank you for taking the time you did to tell us why you decided on the Tiffin. At the end of the day, there are a lot of great options, and Tiffin is obviously one of the best, but as you said, it all comes down to what is best for the buyer. And, some choices turn out to be better for one buyer, while other choices are better for other buyers. Your analysis provided a good reality check for us.

        As with you, length was a big issue for us, particularly since we, like you, are looking forward to spending time camping in smaller parks or state and federal campgrounds. At the end of the day, however, since our coach will be our home, we decided to sacrifice campground accessibility for living space. Besides, rightly or wrongly, we thought that if a campground will take a 42′ rig it should take 44. At least we hope that’s the case.

        On a related note, we will be anxiously following your blog to learn about state and federal campgrounds that you find.

        We initially ordered the 44B, even though we were giving up the chair that comes in the Tiffin and Winnegago models. However, we switched to the 44U, because as much as we liked the 44B arrangement, even without the chair, we realized that we are booth and like the U shaped settee with the table. We have that configuration in our sail boat and we are very comfortable with it, although it does mean that the TV is at the back of the primary living area. And, in the Entegra, the booth is on the passenger side, which means we don’t have to look at our neighbors. Like you we like that.

        We also weren’t willing to anti-up for the Anthem. We understood we would be giving up some things, but they weren’t that important to us and we really like Entegra.

        At the end of the day, it would be good if we could mix and match, but that isn’t a viable option so we pick the one that is best for us. It clearly sounds like you found what is best for you. Congratulations. And, we think we have found what is best for us, and as I said at the beginning, your analysis helped reinforce that our choice and why. Thanks again.

        It would be wonderful to catch up with you some place along the road. We are planning to have a blog. I just hope we will be as disciplined as you are to keep it updated. If you are interested, please send us your email address and we will ask WordPress to send you an invite.

        For now, thanks again for taking the time you did to respond to our request. Happy Thanksgiving to the both of you.

        Melissa and Bruce
        OWV, Our Wandering View, Entregra Aspire 44U, on order

  10. Roger Rempe "Lil Red Rooster" says:

    Dave & Diane,
    Congratulations on your new MH…she’s a beaut! I like how you explained your reasoning for buying it and the comparisons.
    Lynn and I have made CG reservations at Lazy Days for two nights starting this coming Monday. Who knows, maybe we’ll buy your old rig! Are you two still there and if so, for how long? It would be good to meet a fellow “Classless” member!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hi guys!!! Yep,, we will still be here. Probably moved back over to the campground by then I hope. If so we will be in site 250. We are still over by the Crown Club now in the delivery campground.

  11. Keith Pedersen says:

    Best of luck with the new coach. I was across from you at Lazydays and down towards the for sale coaches. Had 3 kids on scooters riding around exploring the property.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hello Keith,, I think I remember seeing some kids on scooters the other day. So you must have found something while here if you were camped in the switch over area. Fun times!!

  12. Ron and Marybeth says:

    Dave and Diane,

    We started following your blog not too long ago. We are still in the research phase and hope to be full-timers late summer to early fall of this year, 2015. We are very interested in the Phaeton 42LH and the Winnebago 42 QD/GD, and we’ll also be towing a Jeep Wrangler. How satisfied are you with the Phaeton, and have you had any major issues with it? We have been seeing nothing but praise for the Tiffin customer service, and hit and miss with Winnebago. Whatever insight you could give us would be greatly appreciated. Also, what tow-bar are you using for the Jeep? Keep the updates coming…we love reading them!

    Ron and Marybeth

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hi guys!!! First off we loved the research part before actually going fulltime and hope you are enjoying it as well. But it’s not as much fun as actually fulltiming LOL!! Which I’m sure you will find out.
      The Winnebago 42QD was on our top 2 list when it came down to the final day. And if the QD would have had a darker leather we MIGHT have chosen it over the Tiffin. Not sure.
      Have we had issues,,,,, yes. Are they all Tiffin’s fault,,,, no. They buy parts just like any other manufacture and parts fail. Has Tiffin been good about taking care of them,,, yes for the most part. We were hung out to dry a bit between Tiffin and Aqua-hot trying to get the system to work properly and ended up some money out of pocket that we should not have. But would Winnebago taken any better care of us,,, who knows.
      I don’t think you can go too wrong with either one. It’s just what you like best. And there are things we like better about the 42LH over the 42QD and the same can be said in reverse.
      For example I would have loved to have the 150 gallon fuel tank in the 42QD but we are darn happy to have a standard toilet in the half bath while boon-docking over the macerator the Winnebago has. It’s a give and take.
      There are other differences as well of course but those are just a couple we thought about. Have fun choosing!!!

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