Travel day to Seffner Florida

The last couple days in St. Augustine we did a little shopping, Diane took Jack in for a bath and I washed the motorhome while Diane did one of those, get the toothbrush out, type of cleanings inside. Along with a couple walks.

All in all nothing to report on,,, boring!!!

Then Friday 11/15/13 rolled around and it was travel day again. So we lifted jacks and headed out for a 180 mile journey to Seffner Florida. It’s pretty much connected to Tampa from what I can tell.

A pretty easy drive but we wasn’t on the road more than an hour and we ran into some rain!!! So much for that wash job I did LOL!! And of course we have pretty much figured out that if you are going to drive on the east coast you may as well figure on traffic.

Knowing that we were going to drive right through downtown Orlando we timed it so we would go through mid-morning to avoid any peak hour traffic. And other than a couple speed racer type jerks it was ok. We just hopped that if they crashed they would go WAY off the road so it didn’t hold us up as we went by LOL!! Is that too cold and heartless of me to say??!!

We have heard so much about Lazy Days RV in Seffner that we just had to check it out while in the area so we are now in there campground. We got one of the spots in the very back of the campground that backs up to a natural area. And while checking in we received vouchers for a free breakfast and a free lunch for every day we are here!!

After setting up and having a bite to eat we took off on foot to check things out. And Holy cow this place is big. The campground isn’t so big but the RV sales area is huge. We did see that they hold a RV driving safety class and driving course every weekday and Diane decided she wants to attend one. Along with a cooking class that pertains to convection cooking. They have a class on maintaining the outside of your RV as well and I want to attend that one.

We are told that if we were Crown Members that we could attend happy hour every night and have snacks and drinks for free as well!! We will have to look into that LOL!!

We didn’t have a chance to check everything out before it was time to stroll home and have dinner but we will have time to do so later.

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7 Responses to Travel day to Seffner Florida

  1. Tom & Carol says:

    Can’t wait to see ‘new’ pictures! 😉

  2. Lar says:

    Do the Lazy Days folks carry any coachs you may be interested in? Sounds like a park you could spend some time in? What more do you need, free breakfast, lunch, drinks and snacks? I have that kind of a deal now, and like it real well. Good to hear from you guys. You missed another good lunch Friday. lar

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Ohhhh,, they have ALOT of things we would be INTERESTED in LOL!! Probably too many.
      Dang it,, I missed another lunch!!! Well maybe I will put a invite out when we get close to Grants Pass again.

  3. OWV, Our Wandering View says:

    Can you become a Crown Member if you didn’t buy from them?

    Our Wandering View

  4. Hi Diane and Dave, Just read your good news. Nancie and I just drove past North Trails today on our way back to tampa from Homstead. Great trip and three great NASCAR races. I said to Nanc that we should stop to NT and she said lazy Days since it is close to us. We meet at Ruffs get together last Jan. We have a 07 Bus so we are in the talking stages. Will try and get to see you before we fly north in Dec. I know you will be busy the next few days. Rob Albertson

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hi Rob!! It would be great seeing you again. We didn’t make it to your neck of the woods this summer unfortunately. We will be here at Lazy Day’s for another 2 weeks probably.

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