Another tour day of Savannah Georgia

Ok,, we will just fast forward past Saturday 11/2/13 by just saying we pretty much hung around the campground all day. The weather wasn’t the best in the morning hours following the rain we had during the night. But the sun did come and go all afternoon.

Of course we did the normal walks and bike rides along with some chatting with fellow campers. Just a mellow uneventful day.

And then came Sunday 11/3/13 and we decided to go back into Savannah to finish our tour. We didn’t make it to the Bay Street or the City Market area on Friday.

Of course before going into town I put my Kansas City Chiefs flags on the Jeep!!

Once again by going in fairly early we didn’t have any trouble with traffic and we found a spot to park right away. Plus there are no parking fee’s along the streets on Saturdays and Sundays,, perfect!!

Once parked we walked to the Historic River Street located along the Savannah River. It is rich in heritage and southern charm and has become one of the country’s most popular vacation destinations.

IMG_8396 IMG_8369 IMG_8359

Historic River Street is paved with 200-year-old cobblestones and was once lined with warehouses holding King Cotton, the neighborhood never fully recovered from the yellow-fever epidemic and subsequent quarantine of 1818. Abandoned for over a century, it was rediscovered in the 1970s by local landowners and urban planners determined to revive the history and the glory of old River Street.

IMG_8357 IMG_8355 IMG_8350

The Olympic Yachting Cauldron.

The Olympic Yachting Cauldron.

In June of 1977, at a cost of $7 million, a new waterfront was unveiled for the city of Savannah. Some 80,000 square feet of empty abandoned warehouse space was transformed in to a colorful array of shops, restaurants and art galleries. The urban-renewal project stabilized the downtown and revitalized the Historic District.

The Olympic Yachting Cauldron.

The Olympic Yachting Cauldron.

The Waving Girl Statue erected in 1972. Florence Martus became known as the waving girl by sailors around the world. Google her for more info.

The Waving Girl Statue erected in 1972. Florence Martus became known as the waving girl by sailors around the world. Google her for more info.

Since then, the area has developed into a popular destination for locals and tourists, alike. Today more than 70 businesses, shops and restaurants, call River Street home. Casual and upscale restaurants sit alongside quaint specialty shops and art galleries.

We popped in and out of shops and walked along the river for a while and then had lunch at Vic’s on the River Restaurant.

Once again we took advantage of the great weather and had a nice table outside. We had some Calamari to share and then Diane had fried chicken with mashed potatoes and pink peppercorn gravy and I had fish tacos. Both were good. I know Diane’s chicken was good because I ended up eating half of it that she couldn’t finish LOL!! Once again,, no dinner needed after such a big lunch LOL!!

The Savannah Cotton Exchange

The Savannah Cotton Exchange

After lunch we walked up to the City Market. Since the early 1700’s, City Market has been the commercial and social center of historic Savannah. Located on the original site of the market used by farmers and traders of all kinds to sell their goods and wares, City Market offers the best of what is old and what is new in Savannah.

IMG_8394 IMG_8393

Today, Savannah’s City Market covers a four-block area of restored warehouses and shop fronts adjacent to Ellis Square. The area just felt like a gathering place with people eating outside, sitting on benches talking and live music playing.

We spent about 5 hours walking around and then headed home to catch the rest of the KC Chiefs game AND THEY ARE NOW 9 & 0!!!! WOW,, way to go KC!! And then we watched the New England game,, the Patriots are Diane’s team so we both were pretty happy with everything by the end of the day LOL!!

We are talking about going to Tybee Island on Monday and we better start thinking about where we will go next because we are only paid up though Tuesday night here at Skidaway State Park. It would be easy to stay here a few more days but we probably won’t. I’m thinking Brunswick or St. Augustine next.

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