Our last day at Hilton Head Island

Tuesday 10/29/13 was our last day on Hilton Head Island at the Motor Coach Resort,,, FOR NOW. But I’m certain we will return.

On our last day we headed to a Putt Putt Golf course we heard good things about called Adventure Golf. They have two courses, a hard and an easy. We played the hard course, but it wasn’t what we would call hard, but it was challenging and had us laughing now and again. Isn’t that part of what life is about?? Regardless of what it is, find things that make you happy.

After golf we headed to a restaurant / pub called the Black Marline for some lunch. Diane had a shrimp taco and I had fish tacos. We had tables outside and the atmosphere was great with a peek a boo view of the harbor. It seems everyplace you go on Hilton Head everyone is happy and having a good time regardless if it’s hiking a trail, eating at a restaurant, sitting at a campsite or even grocery shopping, everyone seemed happy.

After lunch we stopped by the store to pick up a few things and then headed home.

As soon as we pulled in we started chatting with our neighbor Tom and he invited us over for an adult beverage and a visit. And of course we are always up for that!

So before long we grabbed a couple beers and headed over. Tom and his wife Lenora live in Maryland but own a lot in the RV Resort and come down often. And why not, they have a great spot!

We enjoyed our visit and exchanged contact information for the future. I’m sure if we get into their neck of the world or when we visit Hilton Head again we will get together.

Later in the evening Diane and I rode our bikes around the park and made note of a few camping spots that we would like staying in the next time we are in the area and then kicked back the rest of the evening.

Our home for the next week outside Savannah Georgia

Our home for the next week outside Savannah Georgia

Wednesday 10/30/13 we got up and prepared for another long travel day!!! A entire 65 miles to Savannah Georgia LOL!!! We have a great spot at a state park a few miles outside of town.

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2 Responses to Our last day at Hilton Head Island

  1. Ingrid says:

    We haven’t made it out east yet with the RV. The campground looks lovely …..enjoy.

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