Roanoake North Carolina

Sunday 9/29/13 was another move day. I know we was a little wishy washy on where we were going on our last update but we really didn’t know.

However we decided to head to Roanoke North Carolina. Because we need to be in Florida to take care of a little business by mid-November we decided to take a more direct route instead of going west and then southeast again knowing that we want to spend some time in the Myrtle Beach SC area and the Savannah Georgia area.

Getting to RV Resort in Roanoke from Williamsburg was a pretty easy travel day of about 130 miles. And there really wasn’t anything particular that we wanted to see in the area so we decided to just stay 3 nights and move on.

Sunday once all set up we just kicked back, took a couple walks, chatted with a few other campers and just enjoyed the nice park.

Monday the 30th we headed into the town of Roanoke and went to the visitor center and spent some time touring the town and doing a little grocery shopping.

The visitor center informed us that a town close by (Weldon) is known as the Rockfish Capital of the World and that there are roughly 50 large fish figures scattered around the county. We found that interesting because where we come from, Grants Pass Oregon, does the same thing with bears.


There really wasn’t much that caught our attention, other than a few of those Rock Fish figures, while driving around so we just headed home and BBQ’ed up some dinner and did some cleaning on the outside of the RV. It was in need of attention.

This was on Main Street in Roanoke Rapids North Carolina. They said there are 50 fish spread out over the county.

This was on Main Street in Roanoke Rapids North Carolina. They said there are 50 fish spread out over the county.

This fish was in front of the Fire Dept. in Roanoke Rapids

This fish was in front of the Fire Dept. in Roanoke Rapids

Tuesday Oct. 1st we jumped in the Jeep for a tour of a couple other towns close by, Halifax and Weldon.

Our first stop was Halifax. Settlement of the Roanoke River Valley began in the early 1700s when English colonists moved south from Virginia. The valley’s fertile bottomlands were ideal for farming, and a plantation system gradually developed. Wealthy planters used slave labor to grow wheat, corn, peas, tobacco, and other staple crops for markets outside of North Carolina. Though the Roanoke River did not lead to any sea ports, passable roads connected this valley with trade routes.


The town developed into a commercial and political center at the time of the American Revolution. North Carolina’s Fourth Provincial Congress met in Halifax in the spring of 1776. On April 12 that body unanimously adopted a document later called the “Halifax Resolves,” which was the first official action by an entire colony recommending independence from England.

The town of Halifax and, more importantly, the nearby Roanoke River played a vital role in the Maritime Underground Railroad in North Carolina also.


We found the historic part of town and did a walking tour that included a 1760 home of a merchant, the house and law office of a 19th-century attorney, a 1808 home of a wealthy landowner, a 1833 clerk’s office, an 1838 Jail, and the 1790 Eagle Tavern and 1760 Tap Room. It was a warm day so it didn’t take long to work up a sweat walking around. And the only other soul we saw was a lady sweeping porches and knocking cobwebs from the side of buildings.


After Halifax we headed to Historic Weldon, “Rockfish Capital of the World”. Along the way we stopped at one of the many cotton fields to check it out. That was a first for both of us.

IMG_2524 IMG_2523

Once in Weldon we again did a driving tour of the town, found a couple more Rockfish figures and then headed home.

This fish was hanging in front of the police dept. in Weldon North Carolina

This fish was hanging in front of the police dept. in Weldon North Carolina

Not one of our most exciting lay overs but it was fine with us.

Wednesday we made plans to head to Willow Tree campground in Longs, South Carolina. We thought about going to Myrtle Beach but there is going to be a huge bike rally there over the weekend and we didn’t really want to be in the middle of that even though we have been enthusiasts for years and years. But without a bike with us,,,,,,

Longs is only about 15 miles from the beach so we will just do day trips when we want and enjoy the campground over the weekend and avoid the crowds. Maybe we are getting old LOL!!

We are actually all set up at Willow Tree now and it is probably one of our top 5 campgrounds since we have been on the road!! And we have done a driving tour of North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach and South Myrtle Beach and took a walk on the beach and experienced walking in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in my life!! But more to come in our next update.

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2 Responses to Roanoake North Carolina

  1. Hey Guys, So you are going to Longs, SC. I just got back from there. Spent a week with the friends playing golf. I think you guys play golf and if you plan to play let me know what kind of course you like. I might be able to suggest a few. Also if you are into oyster bars I can recommend 2 that might be of interest. Have fun.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Thanks Harry,,, I’m not sure we will get any real golf in while here. Rain is supposed to roll in Monday and we try to stay out of the crowds on the weekends. We just hold things up LOL!! But Oysters sound good for me,,, Diane doesn’t like them. Hope to see ya down the road soon.

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