Travel day to Williamsburg Virginia

Sunday 9/22/13 was an easy travel day as we expected. We jumped on 64 and headed towards Williamsburg. Right before we got to Richmond we took the business loop and skirted right around it with no issues and slid right back on 64. I’m sure being Sunday helped a bunch.

We landed at our new home in the America Heritage RV Park just before noon. We had planned to only stay 4 nights but after giving it some thought we decided to stay a week. There is just so much to see around here that we figured staying a week would make it more leisurely. Plus we can have our mail sent.

We chose this park because it is pretty centrally located between Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown. All places we want to visit while in the area.

I had a horrible headache all morning during our travels so once we got all set up I took a Aleve, turned on a football game and just laid back in my Lazy Boy and tried to take a nap in hope I would shake it while Diane researched the area and figured out what we do the next few days.

After a while I felt much better and we all jumped in the Jeep for our normal road trip to get the lay of the land. We ended up in Williamsburg and the visitor center where Diane went inside and gathered some literature while Jack and I chilled in the Jeep.

While driving around I found myself getting pretty excited and anxious for Monday to roll around so we could head back in and walk the streets!!! And Diane just kept saying how much she loved the old buildings in areas like this.

After driving around for a while we stopped off at the drug store to replenish our Aleve supply, I took our last one earlier, and headed home,, had a BBQ,, took a walk around the park and called it a night.

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