Travel day to Greenwood Virginia

Thursday 9/19/13 was another travel day. But let me say we really enjoyed our stay in Luray and wouldn’t mind going back some time in the future. But like we have said many times before,,, there is more to see so we have to move on.

Because we only planned to travel less than 100 miles we were in no real hurry to get on the road so we just took our time getting ready. But we still hit the road about 9:30.

It was a very easy drive day and we landed at our new home about noon. Once we checked in and got to our spot I made the mistake of leveling and putting out the slides before I checked the electrical. So once I plugged into the pedestal we had no power!!! Crap!!!

I looked over and saw a park employee and made comment that I think they have a problem with the power in this spot,,, or at least I was hoping  it was there problem and not on our end.

They called another person in the office and said he would be right down. So while waiting I put our 30amp adaptor on and checked the 30amp plug on the pedestal and it worked. At least I knew the problem wasn’t on our end and worse case we would have to move our just stay on the 30amp while here. And we will only be here 3 days and the weather isn’t going to be very hot so 30amp would be just fine.

But after a slight struggle they were able to isolate the problem to the breaker and were able to switch it out in no time and we were all good to go!!

That’s really the first problem we have had with a pedestal at a park since we hit the road almost a year ago.

Once all set up and we had a chance to kick back a while we jumped in the Jeep and headed towards a small town called Crozet. Diane does a fair amount of reading and a few months back DJ (a friend from the RV Dreams group) introduced Diane to a series of books written by an author that lives in the Crozet area and mentions the town in her books on a regular basis so Diane just HAD to see the town.

Downtown Crozet

Downtown Crozet

It was a little smaller than she imagined but it was a pretty cool little place and as it turned out they had a couple restaurants that were highly recommended.

The Crozet train Depot

The Crozet train Depot

So after we toured a bit we returned home for a while and then we headed back into Crozet and had dinner at a dinner house called Three Notch Diner. It opens at 5 and only serves dinner and turned out to be very good. I had Salmon and Diane had Halibut and then we shared. We would certainly go there again if ever in the area.

Then we headed home so I could watch the Kansas City game on TV. And I can’t believe that they have started the season 3 – 0 !!! That was the icing on the cake for another good day.

Friday we are going to tour The Jefferson Monticello.

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