Last days in Hershey and a move to Virginia!!

WOW!!! It seems like I have been doing a horrible job keeping up on the blog but in fact we really have not done a bunch since we visited Chocolate world. As we had mentioned we were just hanging around the Hershey area to attend the “Largest RV Show in the USA”.

Of course we toured a few small towns around the area of the campground but there really wasn’t much to report on.

We did celebrate Diane’s Birthday!!!! We found a nice Italian place in Lebonan  for dinner and drinks. And afterwards we went home and she took calls from family and friends the rest of the evening LOL!!

One more thing worth mentioning is that a friend (Kira) showed up at our campground to spend a few days so she could attend the RV show also. We were able to get together a few times,, we went out to dinner one day and went to a very large farmers market in Manheim. And on the first day of the show we went together. It was certainly good seeing her again.

It also sounds like we will be traveling in the same general direction for a while so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see each other again soon!!

I mentioned the Farmers Market. Well it is called Roots Country Market & Auction. It’s the oldest single family-run country market in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. From its humble beginnings as a poultry auction in 1925, Root’s Market has evolved over the years to become a piece of Lancaster County heritage offering fresh food and a wide variety of items for sale.

The market is huge so it took us a while to go through it but we all walked away with some goodies!!

Now as far as the RV show goes. It was big but not as grand as we thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, there were probably more RV’s there than anyplace we have ever been but the booth venders we thought were lacking. There were far more booth venders in Quartzite and the FMCA Rally we attended in Indio Ca.. But it was still fun.

Wednesday and Thursday were extremely hot and humid days at the show which held the crowds down but it was pretty uncomfortable. And Thursday morning had a pretty strong thunderstorm pass through as the show was opening. And go figure that we had two test drives scheduled that morning.

Our motorhome is on a Freightliner chassis and I have been wanted to drive a new 42’ Tiffin on the Freightliner and a 42’ Entegra on a Spartan to compare so I set that up for Thursday morning.

I will have to say that the drive was like night and day!! That Entegra on the Spartan drove like a sports car compared to the Freightliner. And I was surprised at how much more quiet the Entegra was as well as being very well appointed. One thing I was also surprised about is that our 2007 is quieter going down the road than the new Tiffin was. We were happy about that.

None the less I had a good time driving brand new, very large motorized toys around for a while LOL!!

We will have more to say about the RV show later. We will leave it at that for now.

We were paid up at the campground by Hershey until Tuesday but by Saturday we were biting at the bit to move on. So I asked the office if we could get a refund for a couple days and leave early. Some campgrounds won’t do that but this particular one was accommodating so we left today (Sunday 8/15/13) and headed out for a 200 mile travel day that had us leaving Pennsylvania and driving through Maryland, West Virginia and into Virginia. 4 state in as many hours.

We are now in Luray Virginia at a very nice park where we will stay until Thursday. We have a nice spot with a concrete patio and a great view of the surrounding hill’s and corn fields. A pretty comfortable spot to be for a few days. And it has a GREAT dog park for Jack!!

There are some caverns in the area,, but we might be caverned out. And we hear the Skyline Drive is a must see in the area so I’m sure we will do that one day.

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2 Responses to Last days in Hershey and a move to Virginia!!

  1. Lar says:

    Sounds like you need to keg up somewhere and find a good paying job so you can fund one of those new Entegras, “drives like a sports car”, sounds ideal since you guys have a lot of miles to go yet.

  2. Dave & Diane says:

    Dang Lar,,, I’d rather hold up in the desert and live on the cheap if that’s what it took LOL!!!

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