Our last days in Kutztown

I think Saturday was the last time we updated after the Hamburger Festival. Well not much happened around here on Sunday or Monday to post about and that’s a good thing because my computer finally got to a stage that it just couldn’t be used any longer!!

It has been acting up for a while but I have been reluctant to buy another for whatever reason. But we decided we better do it now while we can at least still get some files off of the old one.

Well I know one reason I have held off on a new computer,,, WINDOW 8!! My last laptop is about 5 years old and I have been using a very outdated version of Windows because I hate change.

Now that sounds pretty funny coming from a guy that threw his entire life in a blender a little over a year ago and now changes location about every week roaming around the country in a tin can LOL!!

So bear with us as we learn new programs all over again. Because of course most of my old programs won’t run on the new system. This is going to be agonizing!!

About all we did Sunday and Monday was kick back around the campground and mingled with a few of the other campers.

We also said our,, see ya down the roads,, to Mary Ellen and Charley, Linda and Casey, and Bob and his wife and another couple that for the life of me I can’t remember their names. I am terrible with names and I admit it. I should be whipped!!   They all live in and around Easton Pa. and come to this campground a couple times a year as well as travel to Florida together during the winter months. They were all very nice folks and we hope to see them again. In fact we might see them in Hershey in a couple weeks at the RV show.


Tuesday 9-3-13 we did a road trip to Bethlehem. It’s not very far from our campground but there sure was a lot of traffic.

Bethlehem was founded over 250 years ago in 1741 when a religious group, members of the Moravian Church, purchased land where the Monocacy Creek flows into the Lehigh River.

Downtown Bethlehem

Downtown Bethlehem


Hotel Bethlehem. It's pretty darn fancy inside!!

Hotel Bethlehem. It’s pretty darn fancy inside!!


There is a ton of history in Bethlehem and lots to see and do but we only had a short time to take a one day tour so we went to historic downtown and did a walking tour and then headed out to the Sands Casino that was built around the old Bethlehem Steel Mill. The Steel Mill is really what helped the town grow and there is obviously some old money in town.

Steel Mill

Steel Mill

Bethlehem Steel Corporation was incorporated in December 1904, when it was acquired by Charles Schwab, who built it into the second largest steel company in the country.  Its early history can be traced to 1857, when the Saucona Iron Company was established, later to become the Bethlehem Iron Company.

Bethlehem established itself as a significant supplier of forged products, steel rail and ordnance before Mr. Schwab acquired the rights to the Grey Mill and produced the nation’s first rolled wide-flange structural steel beams in 1908.   Bethlehem Steel also made its name as the world’s largest shipbuilder through two World Wars, building an impressive 1,127 ships during World War II.

Another part of the old Steel Mill

Another part of the old Steel Mill

But after almost one hundred years in existence, Bethlehem Steel Corporation filed for bankruptcy in 2001.

The Sands casino is now built on the site of the mill.  The Sands preserved many mill buildings, including 20-story blast furnaces that have distinguished the local skyline for 100 years and “the Steel’s” 1,500-foot-long No. 2 Machine Shop, once the worlds largest. And the casino is huge.


By the time we got to the casino I was starved so we ate at the Emeril Lagasse Hamburgers and More and then headed out to the casino floor for a little while.

I ended up $40 ahead and Diane lost $25. Lunch cost $35 so by the time we left the casino we were only down $20. Not bad for some fun time and 2 full bellies LOL!!!

After the casino we headed home. And then I decided to jump in the jeep and battle traffic once again and head to Allentown to visit a Best Buy where I bought a new laptop. I wish I had thought about doing that on the way home because we drove right past it!!! Geeez. I spent the rest of the evening trying to get the new laptop all set up.

Wednesday 9-4-13 I got up and started messing with the new laptop again but I just wasn’t happy so what did I do???!!! I put it back in the box and once again battled traffic to Best Buy where I switched it out with a bigger badder one LOL!!!

Then we drove into Kutztown, did a little grocery shopping and returned home for the day.

The rest of the day was spent doing a few walks,, feeding the horses next door and messing with this darn new computer which is going to drive me nuts!!

But a new chapter will begin tomorrow!! We lift jacks and head towards Hershey in the morning.  Another short travel day but that’s ok. We will hang around Hershey until the 16th and then head into Virginia.

We have been here at Pine Hill for 9 nights and I’m getting itchy to move on so it will be nice to do so.

Now I will try my first update with the new system. I hope I can figure out the picture part LOL!!

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2 Responses to Our last days in Kutztown

  1. Let us know if we can help answer any questions in Virginia, our original “home” state.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Thanks Steve!! Right now we are thinking about Luray, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg and Williamsburg as sort of a route. We like history and want to get over by the water eventually. I think I saw a couple state or National Parks that accept the old fart pass also LOL!! And ideas of things that would be on the MUST SEE list would be great.

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