We toured the Yuengling Brewery.

Friday 8/30/13 we took a Drive into Pottsville. But along the way we stopped at a Cabela’s for a visit. It had to be the largest Cabela’s I have ever been in!! We never seem to buy anything but I like walking around and looking.

This particular one had the largest display of animals of anyplace I have been. But because of that Diane lost interest real fast being the animal lover she is.

After Cabela’s we were off again to Pottsville.  It’s funny because we had a Pottsville about 2 miles from our last house. But this Pottsville is a lot different!!

As I mentioned we were told about the Yuengling Brewery which happens to be the oldest brewery in the USA!! Brewing since 1829, D.G. Yuengling & Son is recognized as America’s oldest brewery and holds the record for the longest, continuously operated brewery in the US. So of course we just had to take a tour!!

IMG_7375 IMG_7379

There was a tour scheduled for 1:30 and we arrived at about noon so we had time to take a look at the gift shop before taking the tour but while talking with the lady tending the front desk she recommended doing lunch first and then visit the gift shop after the tour,,,, hmmmm,, was my stomach growling or something???

Well it sounded like a good idea so we asked where she would recommend. Without any hesitation she recommended Roma Pizzeria about a 3 block walk. Mind you the streets in Pottsville reminded us of San Francisco with the steep hills so the walk back helped work off the calories we ingested during lunch LOL!!!

Once we finished lunch and walked back to the brewery our tour was almost on it’s way. In fact by the time Diane switched out her shoes for a borrowed pair from the brewery (they don’t allow open toe shoes on the tour and Diane had her Keen saddles on) we were rushed in line and on our way.


Under the brewery are a number of tunnels like this leading to storage area's.

Under the brewery are a number of tunnels like this leading to storage area’s.

We were both surprised at the amount of people in the tour. We expected a small group but there must have been 40 of us.

Our tour guide had a good sense of humor and did a great job.

IMG_7390 IMG_7394

David Yuengling arrived from Wurttenberg Germany and established the Brewery in 1829 and it has been family owned and going strong since. Well except during the prohibition.

The company experienced downfall during the 1919 prohibition of alcohol. To survive, the brewery started to manufacture dairy products and near beer products.


That's were the cans and bottles get washed.

That’s were the cans and bottles get washed.

If those can's look blurry it's because there were flying by at a high rate of speed!!

If those can’s look blurry it’s because there were flying by at a high rate of speed!!

In 1933, during the term of United States president Franklin D. Roosevelt, the company sent a truck of beer to the White House as it celebrated the lifting of national prohibition of alcohol. To meet the increasing demand of the market, the company built a second plant in Mill Creek area. They also decided to stop making ice cream and concentrate on beer after the prohibition.

That's the building they used to make ice cream. It's across the street from the brewery.

That’s the building they used to make ice cream. It’s across the street from the brewery.

In 1976, the Yuengling was recognized by the nation as the oldest operating brewery company in the United States. As the company runs for almost two centuries, it has surpassed the two million-barrel record of beer production in America.

The plant that we toured is the Oldest Brewery but also the lowest producing of the 3 they now have but it’s a big part of there history.

After the tour we were all lead into a room all set up as a pub and were served 2 beers each. It was a fast and furious part because we had so many people in our group and when the tour behind us caught up it was all over but the shouting lol!!!


After the tour we drove around town for a bit and then headed home, Once again we had such a large lunch we didn’t need any dinner.

We did gather around the campfire with the locals for a few hours before retiring for the evening.

The next update will be about the Hamburger Festival!!!

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2 Responses to We toured the Yuengling Brewery.

  1. Larry says:

    Eat and drink, drink and eat, then eat and drink some more. Tough life out there on the road. We’ll see how many hamburgers you guys can eat at that festival. Keep up the good work. We are in Vancouver, downtown Seattle Monday, then across the border on Tuesday.

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