We have moved to Kutztown PA.

Tuesday 8/2713…  As much as we hated to we lifted our jacks and left Intercourse and headed on our huge travel day of about 60 miles to Kutztown PA. The first 20 miles or so took us on 2 lane highways through the beautiful farmlands and a couple small villages. But then we were spit out on a more major highway and our nice peaceful drive was over the remainder of the way.

The drive was easy and uneventful and had us at our new home by 11am LOL!!! The campground has a 1pm check in policy but one thing about traveling mid week is the campgrounds are normally not very full when we arrive so if we happen to roll in early it’s not usually a problem. Another perk is that because the campgrounds are less full mid week it’s easier to navigate through them.

There are a couple reasons we decided to stay at this campground (Pine Hill RV Park) #1,, we want to stay somewhat in the area so we can attend the Hershey RV Show the first part of  Sept. #2,, we want to visit and tour the Hershey area anyway and tying it together with the RV show made sense but we didn’t want to spend over 2 weeks in Hershey. #3,, This is one of the highest rated RV Parks in the area and it’s a holiday weekend so why not.

Once we were all set up we headed out for our normal Jeep run to get a lay of the land. The campground is next to a major highway but is still in the country so our drive ended up taking us through a number of small towns as we wandered around aimlessly. After leaving an area like Intercourse this area pales a little but it is still pretty nice.

After our tour we just enjoyed the almost empty campground knowing it would be changing soon.


Wednesday 8/28/13… After being so active the last few weeks we decided to just kick back and just enjoy a empty campground. We took a couple walks,, practiced on the dulcimer,, flew the helicopter,, made a crock pot full of chicken and just wasted the day away. Pretty exciting don’t you think ???  But we do have a good view of a field where they train horses.

IMG_7370 IMG_7372

Well,,, we just have to throw days in like that. And besides, it has been a very expensive month. The campgrounds all month have been expensive,, we have done a lot of things that fell under the entertainment category,, there has just been to many great places to eat and way to much great food to buy that we couldn’t resist and of course the new chassis batteries were not planned for.

This has been our most expensive month we have had since hitting the road. Except for when we added solar and the new Lifeline batteries back in December but we had planned for that.

Oh well,, we were told it would be more expensive out east so we halfway expected it and we are out to enjoy ourselves. I figure we will be over budget every month until we settle down south for the winter.

And after taking a look at the budget we put together before hitting the road we won’t be much over it at the end of the year because we had a number of months up through May that we were well under budget. And June and July wasn’t much over.


Thursday 8/29/13 was another pretty kicked back day but we did go for another driving tour of the area and went into Kutztown to do a little grocery shopping.


While sitting around the campground we started to see the influx of Rvers for the weekend. The folks in the office said they would be at 90% capacity for the weekend.

For us we will be happy to see this weekend come and go. It’s the last big camping weekend of the year for most and the kids will be back in school!! Now our season can begin LOL!!! Just kidding,,,, sort of.

While sitting around the campfire chatting with a group of local Rvers Thursday night we were told about a the Oldest Brewery in the USA in Pottsville that has tours. So that is our plan for Friday and Saturday is the Hamburg Hamburger Festival!!! More to come about both of those things.

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3 Responses to We have moved to Kutztown PA.

  1. Sue Lookabaugh says:

    Living the dream! Enjoy

  2. Phyllis says:

    Yes, camping in the east can be quite costly. Always lots to do in the Lancaster County area.

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