Last few days in Intercourse PA.

I’ll try to sum up our last few days in the Intercourse area. Saturday 8/24/13 we headed into Lancaster to visit the “Oldest ongoing Farmers Market in America”.


As much as we love Farmers Markets we just had to pay it a visit while in the area. And because it’s right in the middle of Amish country we just KNEW it would be something special. And we were right. It was full of produce fresh from the fields, succulent fruits, local meats and cheeses, and the sweetest baked goods.


They also had home-made jellies, relishes, herbs and countless other goodies. Let me just say that the cheesecake and the filled grape leaves were great!! They even had some football related things like pillows, hats, aprons and such but I’ll be darned if I could find anything Kansas City Chiefs related LOL!! And when I was asked if I’m a Steelers fan and I answered,,, NO,,, I got a few not so nice looks !!! Well they shouldn’t ask if they are afraid of the answer right??


Anyway the market was fun and of course we bought even more stuff!!! We are going to need to start pulling a freezer car behind the jeep if we buy any more!! After the market we did a little walking tour of downtown and a short driving tour of Lancaster before heading to the Mennonite/Amish information center and museum for a look see. We didn’t spend much time there however. Lancaster is a pretty neat place but it’s a little bigger and congested than the outlying towns. So what did we do? If you guessed we headed back to the smaller outlying towns you would be correct. We headed to New Holland to attend the Pennsylvania State BBQ Cook-off. By the time we got there it was winding down but we still caught some of the action and had a pretty good BBQ rib’s meal before heading home where we kicked back the rest of the evening.



Sunday 8/25/13,,, well Sunday in these parts are a very very mellow day. Everything shuts down. Well we could have headed into Lancaster again if we wanted to but heck, we have not had many down days for a while so we never even started the Jeep all day. We just kicked back,, watched a little football and had a day of nothing. Well I guess it was cleaning day but other than that nothing. It felt pretty good. ======================================================

Monday 8/26/13,,, Diane ran across some info on a old flour mill in the area called Mascot Roller Mill and the Ressler Family Farm.


For three generations, from 1865 until 1977, William Ressler (1819-1892) and his descendants owned and operated the Mascot Mills. Each generation of the Resslers made the mill their livelihood, and this village their home. The Resslers were simple and thrifty people that thought far in the future and with there savings and with great generosity the family created the Ressler Mill Foundation which keeps the mill open for visitors at no charge to step back in time and learn about the history of grain milling and early rural family life.

IMG_7346 IMG_7345 IMG_7344


Mascot Mill is on Mill Creek and the original mill building was erected in the mid 1730s. Mills were among the chief economic and social centers for early farmers, placing each miller and his family at the very heart of his community. At the Mascot Roller Mills, farmers sold wheat, purchased flour, exchanged wheat for flour, brought roasted corn for grinding into cornmeal, and had grain ground into feed for farm animals. We have visited a few mills and none of them have been put into motion for us like this one was.


A picture of a picture

A picture of a picture


It was amazing to watch our host walk over to a wheel,, turn it to open the vents located below allowing the water to flow and in turn started the numerous belts, pulleys, gear wheels, turbines and other parts in motion. All of the equipment are kept in peak operating condition to grind corn for local Amish farmers and visitors to the mill.

The Ressler house with the mill in the background

The Ressler house with the mill in the background

The front porch of the Ressler house

The front porch of the Ressler house


Next to the mill is the 1855 families house, home to three generations of Resslers. The home is preserved just as it was when brother and sister Franklin and Anna Ressler lived in the home. In fact when they gave the mill and home to the foundation as a gift Anna went to the home and placed things just they way she wanted them to be seen by visitors into the future. Things are just as she left them. I thought that was a pretty neat touch. They both lived out there days in a adult care center just 8 miles from the mill and house. We couldn’t take any pictures in the house but here are a couple of the outside.


The bottom part of that door slides up to protect the glass.

The bottom part of that door slides up to protect the glass.

After the mill we wandered around the countryside just admiring the neat and clean farms in the area. At one point we ran across a family operated roadside shop so of course we stopped in and of course bought a couple small pies and a contraption Diane was told about for making baked potatoes and corn on the cob in the microwave. I’m a little skeptical about it but time will tell. Oh,,, we had a couple soft pretzels while we were there also. We enjoyed sitting out front of the store while admiring the cornfields and flower gardens that surrounded the area.


IMG_7338 IMG_7336 IMG_7333 IMG_7331


Then we were off again. This time with a mission. We only feed Jack one type of dog food and it’s not a brand that you will find at a Walmart or normal Big Box store but a feed store in the area carries it so we wanted to stock up again. Now we will be good on dog food for a little over a month.

Then it was time to head home. But not before a stop at the local butcher shop!! The meat is so good around here that we just had to stock up so our freezer is stuffed full with some good old grass fed beef and pork. We wanted to stock up because this is our last day in the area.

Tuesday we pack up and head northeast. This is certainly one of the areas that we will remember for some time. And would absolutely come back to if in the area. The people were friendly,, the countryside’s are so neat and clean and well kept, watching the Amish work the fields by hand was so interesting and of course as we have mentioned before the food is so fresh and plentiful.

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7 Responses to Last few days in Intercourse PA.

  1. Lar says:

    How far North East you going? We will be in Boston on the 24th of Sept. Pa. sure sounds like a tour all by itself. Glad you found some good weather.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      We are outside Kutztown PA. now and so far the plan is to head to Hershey after this and then start our circle back south. That should get us to Texas by Dec. LOL!! Wish we could have hooked up while you guys are out this way. But I’m sure you will have fun without us.

  2. Harry Forrey says:

    Thanks for the trip down “memory lane”. When I worked downtown I would get my lunch every Tuesday and Friday at the market. In my earlier days my grandmother would take me to market and if I was a good boy she would buy me a dewy bun. Not sure of the spelling. It was a long chewy donut with powered sugar. We still have my grandmother’s market basket. I have really enjoyed your Lancaster County visit. Safe travels.

  3. Richard King says:

    Glad you enjoyed the Amish area of PA. In case you go through there some day, Ohio also has a really enjoyable Amish area also.

    Since you are heading to the northeast, and you really LIKE big city traffic, you should tour NYC. There is an RV park that is very convenient to the city (, although it is only a paved parking lot with hookups, With a little study, you can figure out the subway system, and locate the sites you may want to visit (Statue of Liberty, central park, 911 Museum, Tiffany’s (to buy a gift for Dianne!!), etc). Patsy wanted to go, and I was not exactly in favor of it, but it was one of the best tours we ever took. It was fun. Easy RV access to the park, and then it is just a hike ….. which you guys do all the time.and subways. I found the subway system to be clean and a great way to get around. I even drove my car into NYC one evening to take night time pictures.

    In your case, Jack probably will be bored stuck at the RV, but the self tour is really fun. We even took in a play……… imagine that!!

    Just thought I would recommend it. Wherever you go, travel safely and have fun.


    • Dave & Diane says:

      Your advise on the Intercourse area was spot on. And thanks for the tip on NYC. It’s tempting but maybe not this year. I think we are about ready to turn south in a couple weeks and that should just give us enough time to get to Texas by Dec. if we follow the east coast states.

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