Travel day to Ronks PA. Just outside Intercourse

Tuesday 8/20/13 was a travel again. Another short travel day of only 70 miles. I think all of our travel days are under 100 miles this month or at least close to it. And I don’t mind.

We were all ready to hit the road by 9:30, pretty typical for us. I always do a Map quest print out for our travel day and punch in our destination in our GPS. Sort of our check & double check system plus I normally have the route somewhat in my head.

On this particular travel day I knew in my head I wanted to just head out route 30 for the most part making our travels all through small towns and country sides. And that is what I had printed out from Map quest also. So away we went!!!

It didn’t take long until the GPS was barking out orders to turn a different direction than I wanted to go. I figured OK,, the mileage it shows to our destination is just a little farther than what it showed on Map quest by going cross country so it’s ok, and it is programmed to know we are in a  big rig and probably wants us to jump on a main road instead of going rural,, it will recalculate and get onboard soon. WRONG!!! That thing kept telling us to go a different direction over and over and over again. Diane said,,, just shut that thing off!!! But I was determined to figure out just what that stupid GPS had in mind so I left it on but stuck to our plans of going cross country.

The roads continued to be nice 2 lane country roads and I didn’t find any information of any low bridges going cross country so I wasn’t to worried plus the scenery was great,, the speed limits were low and we both found the drive enjoyable,,, other than the nagging women telling us to turn here,, turn there and make a legal U turn LOL!!! NO,, not Diane!!

As we approached our destination I was starting to be amazed that the GPS was wanting us to drive a bunch of extra miles by now to make us take it’s route,,, I was ready to change it to the man’s voice to see if it would come to it’s senses LOL!!! JUST KIDDING !!!!! LOL!!!

After that comment I probably shouldn’t spill the beans but it turns out that I punched in the wrong address into the GPS. Yep,,, I punched in our NEXT destination after Intercourse. And that’s only 60 miles away from Intercourse so that’s why the mileage difference didn’t really wave any red flags at first.  Diane was pretty good about it,, she didn’t rib me to much. But I’m sure she will get some mileage out of it some way.

Anyway the drive was pretty uneventful. Even the round-a-bouts we had to navigate didn’t cause us any issues.

I keep saying our destination was Intercourse but really we are in a very small village outside of Intercourse called Ronks. The entire village is Amish and Mennonite making it a pretty interesting place. The campground we are staying at is called Beacon Hill and is located right across the road from a working Amish farm. It’s pretty interesting watching them work the horses and wagons and bring in loads of tobacco.

IMG_7144 IMG_7149 IMG_7150

And this campground is an adult park. No one under 16 so a nice change from the last 2 parks which had tons of kids. Again,, nothing against kids but we have been empty nesters for so long and we lived in the country so long before hitting the road that we grew fond of our quiet time in the evening. And we have a great wooden deck beside the motor home!! Something you don’t run into very often out camping. It’s fun sitting on the deck watching the numerous horse drawn buggies clip clopping by.

IMG_2462 IMG_2463 IMG_2464 IMG_2466 IMG_2469

After getting all set up, having a little lunch and kicking back for a while we all jumped in the Jeep and headed out for a driving tour of the area. The loop we drove took us out through some great farmland and through a few small towns like New Holland, Blue Ball and East Earl. I think we saw more horse drawn buggies out in the countryside than we did cars, We also saw a sign talking about a BBQ cook off in New Holland this weekend that I’m sure we will attend. It’s hard to pass up a good BBQ event. Probably even more so than a good farmers market LOL!!

After the driving tour we just settled in, had a BBQ and enjoyed the evening.

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4 Responses to Travel day to Ronks PA. Just outside Intercourse

  1. Loretta says:

    Glad you are enjoying that part of the country. I was from NJ and we used to go to that area for skiing, antique shopping, restaurants and plays. Beautiful country but unfortunately some of the small towns are looking for tourism dollars so they have so many ‘stores’ and outlet malls. They get alot of snow in the winter(being ski country). That I do not miss. Bill and I have been following your travels continue to enjoy and be drive safe.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Your right,, it is very pretty here and your right again about the small towns being geared to tourists. We just sift through what we can and try to figure out the REAL story. And I’ glad you enjoy the blog. I get every one of your updates as well.

  2. Harry Forrey says:

    Have a great time in Lancaster. Your pictures are bring back memories of working in the tobacco fields. If you want to impress people tell them the wagons used to haul the tobacco are called ladders.

  3. We’ve camped in that area of PA many times. A lot to see and do. We attended the BBQ cook-off a few years back and had a nice time. Plenty of good food to sample there. Take your time and relax up in that part of the country.

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