Travel day from West Virginia to Bedford Pennsylvania

Tuesday 8-6-13 was another travel day. We woke to another beautiful day and as we were doing our morning walk and bike ride I have to admit that I really hated to leave such a great spot.

At 9am we were lifting jacks and ready to hit the road for our travel day of 160 miles that would have us leaving West Virginia and driving a short distance in Maryland before heading north to Bedford Pennsylvania.

Right down the road from our campground was a easy in and out station for fuel but after pulling in and going inside to pre-pay I was told they were out of Diesel….. WHAT!!!! Oh well,,, I’m the sort of person that starts looking for fuel when I hit ½ tank so no worries. In fact we had more than enough to get to Bedford but I don’t like worrying about fuel. We found a spot once we crossed into Maryland to fill up at a better price anyway so it worked out for the best.

IMG_6632 IMG_6634

The drive was very scenic but far less than relaxing because the terrain is very hilly. Not mountainous but enough to either have power on going up or engine brake on going down over and over and over again. I suppose I could have made the drive easier if I would have just let the tranny do it’s own thing in the hills but I’m able to be a little more proactive compared to it being reactive.

Once in Bedford we easily found our campground, checked in and got all set up pretty quickly then just kicked back and had a bite to eat before jumping in the Jeep and heading out on our routine scouting of the area.

On out outing we happened across one of the many old covered bridges in the area. There are 14 different bridges on a driving tour of the area that we plan to do Thursday. It should be fun and very scenic I’m guessing.


This particular bridge (The Colvin Covered Bridge) was built around 1880 and was rehabilitated in 1998 and is one of the oldest bridges in the area. So there will be a lot more coming later about covered bridges.

Another thing we happened across was a Old Log Church built in 1806. It is the oldest church in Bedford county. And it cost $225.91 to build.

IMG_6646 IMG_6644

The church was built to accommodate the union of the Reformed and Luthern denominations.

The church is 25 X 30 feet; two stories high, galleries on three sides with a wine glass pulpit. The wine glass pulpit inside is a unique architectural detail probably related to the Eucharistic cup.


The stairway leading up to the pulpit is pretty narrow and there is just enough room for one person to stand. As you can see by the aura around my head while standing up there it’s pretty darn empowering LOL!!

The church was built of logs that were furnished by John Schell, John Mowry, Jacob Hillegass, and George Rock, each furnishing one side. For six years the congregation worshipped by sitting on logs. In 1809, a stove and pipe were purchased. It is said that previous to the stove purchase, members brought their dogs to church to keep their feet warm!

After our driving tour we headed home and took a nice stroll around the fishing pond here in the park and kicked back the rest of the evening.


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3 Responses to Travel day from West Virginia to Bedford Pennsylvania

  1. Lar says:

    First, Blue Grass Music, a Dulcimer, now Religious experiences, whats next? West Virginia and Pennsylvania are beautiful. We can’t wait for our trip to the north east in September. Glad the weather has been better for you. Got cabinets yesterday, now doors and trim next week. Everyone is so darn busy, can’t believe the building economy is that bad?
    Keep up the great reports on your trip and site seeing.

  2. Harry Forrey says:

    In Bedford there is a small Gulf gas station that is done in Art Deco. Very interesting looking building especially for a gas station. The owner is Dick Dunkle. It caught my attention because Dunkle is my mother’s maiden name. Have a great day.

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