Move day within the park

Friday 8/2/13 rolled around and it was move day. Yep,, we had to break camp and move a whole couple hundred yards to another spot here within Stonewall Jackson. We have heard of others that have had to move from one spot to another in the same campground but this is the first time it has happened to us. We are not complaining because as I mentioned before we asked to stay longer if there happened to be a cancellation.

So we broke camp and waited around until some of the others that were leaving today actually left because where our new spot was is on a one way loop and some of them had boats and such clogging things up a little so with them gone our move would be easier.

Once they left I fired up the RV and rolled on down. The spot itself wasn’t to hard to get into but once in there was no way in the world we could extend our slides all the way. Soooooo off to the office I went to discuss our dilemma.

After a little shuffling they found us a new spot which turned out to be great. It even has 50amps AND a great view of the lake out our front and side windows. So even though the move was tougher than it needed to be it turned out for the best.

Once all set up in our new spot we took a walk over to the lodge and scoped things out a little. It’s pretty plush.

IMG_6418 IMG_6417

The we rode the bikes over to the marina and walked around on the docks checking out the boats and some huge fish swimming around.


On the way home we found a bunch of cones set up in the parking lot so we fooled around a little weaving in and out.


As you can tell it was another laid back day.

Saturday is going to be tour day for the  Asylum…. Stay tuned it should be good!! IF they let us out.

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One Response to Move day within the park

  1. Richard King says:

    Good luck at the Asylum. If you don’t update for a few days, maybe we will come by to visit when we come that way in the Fall. Thinking about it, I will pass………. I’ve seen those contraptions that trap squirrels by putting their paw in and grab so many nuts that the fist won’t come back out, and they won’t give up the nuts. I don’t think it is a good idea for some people to visit asylums!!

    Good luck,

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