Travel day to West Virginia

Monday 7/22/13,,, TRAVEL DAY!!! The Whispering Winds campground is another campground that has piss poor drainage and when it rains the area around a bunch of the Rv sites simply turn into a lake. And ours was one of the,, could be lake front properties LOL!! In fact the other day when it rained a campground worker came by and placed some plywood by our door in an attempt to give us something to step out on. LOL unfortunately the piece of wood just floated and when I stepped on it, it just sank and my foot went under water LOL!! But it was a good gesture on his part.

And of course Sunday night it rained long and hard so while breaking camp I had to tip toe around large amounts of standing water. It made it quite a challenge. Who knew that a full time Rver (FOLLOWING THE WEATHER) would have to have hip waders as part of his wardrobe LOL!!

We wanted to lift jacks and hit the road at 9 but I kept chatting with one neighbor or another and I thought we were going to need to extend our departure time but we ended up leaving on time.

It was still not raining when we left but while fueling up just south of Georgetown it started to dump big time!! Once filled up I pulled around to a side lot and checked our radar app on the phone and it showed we were right in the middle of a big bad weather cell, perfect. But I decided to push on. We no more than hit the road and it got even worse. Wipers were on high and there was a lot of standing water on the roads. Luckily after about 30 minutes we drove out the front side of it. Which meant it was going to chase us all the way to our destination. With any luck it would break up before traveling the 160 miles to where we would be setting up camp next.

Once out of the rain the drive was pretty nice UNTIL we took our exit at Huntington and started towards the state park. The roads got very narrow and very winding and the guardrails we very close to the roads. I hate guardrails that are so close on curvy roads that you worry about tail swing or you really have to take your share of the road out of the middle on inside curves. But we made it through that section just fine and made it to our next turnoff WHERE IT GOT EVEN WORSE!!! The switchbacks were so tight that at one right hander traffic on the downhill side saw us coming and stopped in the road and let us navigate through. (Thank you who ever you are LOL!!)

IMG_6304 IMG_6306

At one point I told Diane that we will have to check on a residence rate in the park because I’m not sure I want to drive back out!!! Well in reality I’m going to have Diane drive the jeep in front of me and run blocker with the flashers on I think. The last part of the road is probably in the top 5 worst roads that we should not have been on with the motor home.

Once we made it to the park and set up we took a stroll around the park. And it is a nice park with a nice big lake, good sized sites, some tree’s for shade and where we opted to camp it has full hookups with 50amp. So a good spot to chill for a week.


The downside is,,, no cell or internet service and no Direct TV. Plus it’s a long drive back out that bad road,, yes even in just the jeep,, to get to town. There is a concert in the park we want to attend and of course we want to check out Huntington while in the area.

Being without internet is probably the biggest bummer for me anyway. I admit that I get more entertainment with it than TV.

Then,,, you guessed it,, we jumped in the Jeep for our customary tour of the area. But about then the storm that we outran when we left Kentucky had caught us!!! But we continued on our jeep run anyway.

But once again it poured so hard that we had the wipers on high,, water was running down the roads like the Colorado river down the canyon, and when we finally worked our way into Huntington the police had roads blocked off and the entrance to the freeway due to flash flooding and standing water. It was purely miserable so we turned tail and headed back home. It just wasn’t our day I guess.

Once back home and after the rains stopped we took a walk and chatted with some of the other campers in the park.

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