The last couple days in Kentucky

OK,, since we left Kentucky and landed at our first stop at Beech Fork State Park in West Virginia we have had no internet or cell service so I will slowly catch up on the blog over the rest of today.   Here goes.

The last couple days in Georgetown have really been pretty uneventful.

Saturday 7/20/13 we jumped in the jeep and went on the hunt of the elusive Quilts on Barns. Yep,,, bourbon tours one day and searching for quilts the next.


I guess Kentucky has been known as a center for the sewing of colorful quilts in many patterns and designs for a long time. But over the past several years, painted quilt patterns on the sides of barns have emerged as a new form of self-expression and cultural pride for rural residents.

Efforts are getting underway to coordinate the painting and erection of colorful wooden quilt blocks on barns in eastern Kentucky and elsewhere to form trails that can lure travelers off of interstate highways onto back roads, bringing tourists into rural areas that need an economic boost. I guess Other states are getting involved with the quilt barn movement, including Ohio, Indiana Tennessee and Iowa.


Well ok,,, it sounds like a good effort to help the small towns that were forgotten when freeways and large malls took traffic away from them. And they actually show a tour road on some fliers that are in circulation but that’s really where it stops. We drove around looking for the actual Quilt Tour Road but never really found it. Nothing is marked so we just roamed aimlessly on country roads looking for quilts.

We did find a few and we saw some pretty country but we tired of that pretty fast. Plus I will have to say that the towns that the trail takes you through really hasn’t done anything to make tourists, that do take the time to take the driving tour, stop.

On the way home we did stop at Royal Spring Park and checked out a couple old cabins and watched a few people fish for trout in a small stream.


At the site of  the park is where it all began for Georgetown. The town was founded here in 1786; the colorful Reverend Elijah Craig (a man with his own ideas about spirits and spirituality) is credited by many authorities with distilling the first Bourbon whiskey here. Also the site of the first paper mill in the West (1793); a log cabin built in 1874 by former slave Milton Leach still stands, and houses a mini-museum of local history


Sunday 7/21/13 was a kick back day. I watched the final round of the Open Golf Tournament and some of a race and practiced on the Dulcimer while Diane mainly read and did a little cleaning  and watched some TV with me.

I guess the most exciting thing we did was make stuffed peppers in the crock pot LOL.

Sunday is actually our last day in Georgetown. Monday we load up and head out of Kentucky and into West Virginia to the Beech Fork State Park just south of Huntington. We plan to be there for 7 days.

Diane and I have reservations in Gettysburg for mid August so we can attend a Blue Grass Festival but we have been second guessing ourselves on that one. All the time before we actually went fulltime in our RV we always talked about making it to Maine and having fresh lobster. And for some time now we figured we were traveling way to slow to make it to Maine this year but for some reason we are now thinking about changing directions and heading to Maine. Maybe it’s the heat and humidity that we have been in for a while that’s making us think this way,,, I don’t know. All I do know is that we need to figure out what we are going to do by the time we leave Beech Fork.

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One Response to The last couple days in Kentucky

  1. Lar says:

    Noel, Debbie, Kathy, and I will be (hope to get the trip put together) in Maine, and the rest of the north east the last week of September and first week of October. Probably have already told you this, must be the project wearing my brain out, LOL. Dying to hear that Dulcimer.

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