Concert in the Park

Thursday 7/25/13.. Well here we go. The crowds have started rolling in a little early it seems before the weekend. I keep watching for anyone else that might come down with a larger motor home like ours but nothing yet. Lot’s and lots of bumper pulled campers in the 24 foot or so range and a couple 5th wheels in the 30ft range and a couple class C’s. But nothing 40ft or more pulling a toad. LOL,,, I guess we didn’t get the memo about the road leading in. Oh well.

All we had planned for the day was to hang around the campground and do some walks and bike rides until early evening,, which we did. And then about 5 we jumped in the Jeep and headed into Huntington for dinner at Jim’s Spaghetti and Steak House.


Jim’s is one of the longer running local favorites in town and has been visited by Bill Clinton, Mohamed Ali, George Bush and J.F K.  So we figured it HAD to be good.

Once inside the lady assigning seats had us go to the very back of the joint by where they scoop up ice and serve drinks from. I mean that seat would have had us as part of the working staff basically LOL!!! Maybe it has been our run on bad seats lately but Diane was going to have nothing to do with that spot and promptly chased down our waitress and had us reseated before I even knew what was going on LOL!!!

The menu was basically,, yep you guessed it,,, steak or spaghetti.  So we both ordered up spaghetti. You could tell that it was a popular spot for the locals. A lot of people were being called by name and the place was pretty busy. But it also didn’t take long to figure out that if they DIDN’T know your name and you weren’t a local you were not going to get the best service.

It didn’t take long after our waitress would stop at one of the locals tables right next to ours and have a nice chat while facing in my direction with me most certainly making eye contact and then when she walked away she just sped right by with me having my hand in the air trying to get her attention. She did that twice but the 3rd time I think she thought I was going to jump up and grab her because she had a startled look on her face the next time by when I DID get her attention.

Now I realize and feel like we have not given  a restaurant a good review in some time now. And we really are not picky people but once again we both gave Jims a thumbs down. For service and food. Maybe the steaks would have been better and m,a,y,b.e. we should have kept our original seat LOL!!!

Oh well,, on to the best part of the day,,, the concert in the park at Pullmans Square in downtown Huntington. Every Thursday night they have a band and a few venders of various sorts set up for a good time. The band this week was the Carpenter Ants. They mainly played Blues and were pretty good.


The place was hopping pretty good and it seems everyone was having a great time. And we did as well.

And while in area we walked down to the river front where the 2013 “Roar On The River” will be held this weekend.  It’s the APBA Northwest Division Championship of Hydroplane boat races.  It should be fun to watch and you can bet Diane and I will be there. Anytime we are in a area where there is going to be high horsepower entertainment rest assured that we will probably be in the crowd someplace.


Because we had no cell or internet service in our campground Diane also took advantage of our being in town to give her mom a call to catch up.


Then it was time to head home. But not before we made a stop at Frostop Root Beer!!  Frostop used to be a national chain but only a handful remain and the one here in Huntington was opened in 1959. And it’s still owned by members of the original family that opened it. And I’m happy to say that the Root beer  floats were great!!

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