Boat Race, Hot Dog Festival, Car show and music!! A good day

Friday 7/26/13… Not much to say about Friday. A couple mile walks followed by a couple miles of bike rides,, showers,, some reading and dulcimer practice and a nap followed by a couple more miles of walks and then a few more miles of bike rides and another shower LOL!!

It’s been nice that the temps have dropped into the 80’s allowing us a break from the heat, and the humidity hasn’t been bad either.

All in all not a bad day.

Saturday 7/27/13 after our morning walk and bike rides we jumped in the Jeep and headed into town to watch the boat races. Along with the races there was a small car show,, a Hot Dog Festival and a Hot Dog Eating Contest as well as a band playing in Pullman Square.


Unfortunately after only a few boats made hot laps the wind picked up and make the river unsafe for the boats to race on so that was a flop. So we went and spent time enjoying the other festivities going on. It was all right down town which made it convenient.

IMG_6368 IMG_6371 IMG_6374

Sunday 7/28/13 we decided to spend the day at home again. We like Sundays at the state parks because most everyone leaves and it gets very peaceful. Just the way we like it.

We took advantage of the not so hot day and did a good cleaning. Diane vacuumed and mopped inside and I dusted and I emptied out some of the underneath storage area and vacuumed as well. Plus we did laundry and made a Mediterranean Pot Roast in the crock pot, trimmed Jacks nails and of course we did our normal walks and bike rides.

Another good day but tomorrow I dread the drive back out that very poor road on our way to our next stop at Stonewall Jackson State Park, still in West Virginia. If we don’t meet any traffic it won’t be bad but if we do,,,, well I’m sure Diane will have her eyes closed LOL!!! Just joking.

I might add that the Mediterranean Pot Roast has jumped up to one of my favorite crock pot meals. We both gave it a thumps up.   

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