Travel day and our first full day in Georgetown Kentucky.

7/15/13.. Monday morning rolled around and it was time to leave Cave City Kentucky and drive 150 northeast to Georgetown Kentucky.

There are a couple things we wanted to see in Lexington but we opted to stay in Georgetown because it is much smaller and only 15 miles north of Lexington and the things we want to see are at the north end of Lexington anyway.

It was a nice drive. We headed up I-65 for a short distance and then jumped off on  Martha Layne Collins Blue Grass Parkway (also known as the Kentucky Bourbon Trail) and took it to Lexington where we had to switch around and get on I-75 for about 10 miles and jumped off at exit 129. At that point we hit a repaving crew that really had things bunched up. At one point you couldn’t get a pencil between the passenger side of the motor home and the big barrel markers set out on the road. And the workers on the drivers side,,, well it was just plain tight.


I had planned to stop at the Pilot station at the exit and get fuel before heading to the campground because prices are on the way up and I figured by the time we spent a week in Georgetown the prices would be much higher but with the road work going on right at the entrance to Pilot we decided not dealing with it was well worth the few extra dollars we might pay next Monday when we leave.

By the time we arrived at Whispering Hills RV Park it was already hot. In fact this was the first time I have ever ran the generator while traveling so we could run the roof top air conditioners while driving. And I’m thinking it will become a regular routine while traveling the eastern states from here on.

Once all set up we kicked back until dinner and then went on our normal Jeep run to get a lay of the land.

We went into Georgetown and mainly drove around checking out the older homes with there great architecture.

IMG_6075 IMG_6076 IMG_6080

Once we had our fill of driving around we headed home where we sat outside at the picnic table and chatted with our new neighbor for a while. It just so happens they are another couple from Florida out doing a tour like our last neighbors we had in Cave City. I guess we are more likely to meet Floridians than we are other Oregonians way over here.

Tuesday 7/16/13… I’ll have to admit that the heat and humidity is starting to take it’s toll. Today we decided to just hunker down and hide out of the heat the best we can I think.

Except for later in the day we decided to head to Fat Boys BBQ. We saw it while driving around the other day and it had good reviews. It was good,, not the best BBQ we have had but the portions were big and the food was ok. And the atmosphere was certainly,,, well,,, country.

IMG_6088 20130716_184056

Today was the first time that Diane has started researching just how far north we would have to go to get some relief from the heat. Unfortunately looking at the weather map we are just in the middle of it and will have to sleep in the bed we made LOL!!

It hasn’t been REAL bad but just enough to wear on us to where we just don’t feel like doing anything some days. We just need to deal with it through July and August and then it should start cooling down a bit.

In her research today she did realize that we are pretty close to Gettysburg Pennsylvania (a place she really wants to see) and that there is a well known Bluegrass Festival going on mid August so we now have reservations from Aug 13th through the 20th there. Now we just need to find places and things to keep us busy between now and then. And campgrounds that are not a arm and a leg cost wise and ones that are large enough to accept us is beginning to be a bit more of a challenge like we were told it would be. AND we better start thinking about Labor Day or we will be up a creek with no place to stay. We have made that same mistake on every holiday since we have been on the road. As bad as we hate to plan that far ahead we better do it anyway with the lack of places we can just pop into or boondock at.

I’m beginning to think our trek north will end in Pennsylvania and we will start heading to the coastal area and back south at this rate.

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