Our last couple days in Cave City KY

I guess I need to play catch up again !! But really not a lot has happened since Friday.

7/13/13 Saturday was another kick back day. The temperatures outside were pleasant and the humidity was low for a change so we spent some time kicked back outside going for walks and sitting in the lawn chairs,, watched a little TV,, practiced the Dulcimer, visited with fellow Rvers ect.

Our neighbors for a few days, Ron & Darlene, are from Florida and were traveling through and stopped for a few days to check out the area. And of course in conversation they found out were are fulltime Rvers which sparked Darlene’s interest. They are about to retire and are kicking around the idea of selling there home and going fulltime. So Darlene invited Diane over so she could pick Diane’s brain a little.

While visiting Diane noticed the floor in there motor home. They had replaced the carpet with a nice wood looking vinyl. We have been hating our carpet in the bedroom, it’s the original from 2007 and is showing some wear,  for some time and we are always looking for ideas for a change so Diane came over and grabbed me to take a look. It looked very nice!! They did a great job installing it and would be a huge improvement over the carpet we now have in our bedroom but time will tell.

They were pulling a trailer on this trip and had there Harley inside. Mmmmmmm it made me miss my bike just a little LOL!!

Ron is a advanced English teacher at a high school and as we were saying our good buys on Sunday ( they were leaving that day) we exchanged cards. After they drove off I told Diane that if  Ron happens to check out our blog I’m sure that my spelling and grammar is going to drive him bonkers!!!!

But I refer back to our home page where I said up front that I am far from a Hemmingway and I admit that I don’t use proper English but if you know what I mean I consider its good enough LOL!!!

I can’t count the times Diane has corrected me but ya know,,, I’ve done OK in life by my standards,, poor grammar and all LOL!!

We enjoyed the short time we had chatting with Ron & Darlene  and hope to run into them again sometime down the road.

7/14/13 Sunday we decided to go hike a trail that we saw the trailhead of while in the National Park so after our morning routine we jumped in the jeep and headed to Sand Cave Trail.


At the end of Sand Cave trail is where Floyd Collins was trapped in a narrow passage 60ft below the surface for 14 days where he perished before rescuers could reach him. Floyd was a celebrated pioneer cave explorer in central Kentucky and on January 30, 1925, while trying to discover a new entrance to the system of underground caves that were a popular tourist attraction in Kentucky he had his horrible accident.

As it turns out the timing of his misfortune was right along with the newspaper becoming a huge thing so the reporting of his accident brought a estimated crowd of 10,000 people that gathered around in a atmosphere that was described a carnival like with children frolicking and concession stands selling food and drink and moonshiners slipped in and out of the crowds.

I guess people have not change much from then to now.

To our surprise the trail was only 1/10th mile long!! Now that wasn’t going to fill our day so after the trail we headed into the park where we simply looked for any road we could find that might take us someplace interesting.

IMG_6064 IMG_6067

At one point as we worked our way back out a narrow gravel road we meet a couple horse drawn wagons. At first we though maybe a tour was going by but then we thought,,, a tour of what? That gravel road dead ended at a very small day use area where it was obvious rafters would put in,,, hardly anything worth a tour I would think.


But as they went by we saw that they had a couch and chairs along with a BBQ and other items. LOL!!!! There were traveling in comfort!!! I had to chuckle as we went on our way. I guess you would have to of been there to get the full flavor. I almost asked them to stop so I could get a picture but I didn’t want to take a chance of offending anyone.

Then we headed home where we just relaxed and I started to stow a few outside items away in preparation for our travel day on Monday.

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