Another cave tour at Mammoth Cave and a street party in Cave City

7/11/13 After our Mammoth Cave tour on Wednesday we figured a low key day was in order before doing another tour. Not that the tours are strenuous or anything like that but we like to break up our activities a little. Diane would probably be happy doing something every day but I have this thing about not slipping into a vacation mode. I think I have talked about that in the past.

So Thursday was a leisurely morning and then we took a drive to Glasgow. Glasgow is only 10 or so miles from Cave City and is a little larger. In fact it has a Lowes where I wanted to go and get the new brass fittings for our water softener to replace the cheap plastic ones that came with it. Which I did. I think I mentioned that before as well.

We didn’t have anything particular in mind by going to Glasgow other than just seeing the town and what it might have to offer up.

On Monday while driving though Glasgow on the way to our camp spot Diane made a fuss as we drove past a fast food place called White Castle. She said she had heard about them and they are so popular that they even sale there product in the freezer section at some grocery stores. So while in town I figured what the heck,,, lets have lunch at White Castle. BIG MISTAKE!!! I can probably say that it was the worst fast food I have every eaten, Diane agrees and in fact we tossed half of what we ordered in the garbage as we left. I’m tempted to look up what they use as meat because I’d be hard pressed to believe it real beef LOL!! So far between dinner at the Cracker Barrel and our White Castle experience we are having a horrible culinary experience at this stop LOL!!

After White Castle we stopped at Dairy Queen for a ice cream cone to take the taste away and then headed home. I fixed up the water softener and then we headed up the street to attend the local Growers Market. It was pretty small but the people were nice and we enjoyed chatting with a few of them before buying some sticky buns and heading home where we sat outside and enjoyed one of the coolest evenings we have had in some time and chatted with a few people here at the RV Park until it was time to head inside.

7/12/13.. Friday we decided to  go back to Mammoth Cave and do the New Entrance tour. When we arrived the next couple tours were sold out so we bought tickets for the 11:15 tour. That gave us time to go through the visitor center and check out the restaurant and gift shops.

When it was time we headed over to shelter B where we caught our bus.. well 1 of 3 busses, along with 112 other people. I’m really not a fan of the large group tours.

The busses took us for a 10 min ride to the entrance.


The Historic Tour we did on Wednesday was all about large caverns and walkways while the New Entrance Tour was more about formations

23 IMG_6015

.The New Entrance was discovered in the 1920s, it opened a whole new way to see Mammoth Cave.  As soon as we entered the cave we descend 280 steps through impressive pits, domes, and a few narrow openings. Arriving 250 feet below ground. At that point we were rewarded with large passages and underground hills as we followed our guide to the Frozen Niagara formation discovered in 1923. From Frozen Niagara to the cave exit we passed through what we were told is one of the most decorative and photographed areas of Mammoth Cave.

22 IMG_6021 IMG_6023 IMG_6034IMG_6036

NOTICE!!! Steve from Gonebyrv follows our blog,, as we follow his,, and saw my comments about dark pictures. He send us a private message with a tip on how to fix our problem. After a little playing I am happy to say that the tip helped a bunch. The picture above is after editing and the picture below is before. And big THANKS goes out to Steve for the tip!!

So maybe we will be providing better pictures in the future.

IMG_6036 IMG_6043

Once again I apologize for the poor pictures. The lighting in the cave is plenty good for the naked eye but the flash just does not cut it on my little camera and I’m not crazy about packing my larger camera into those situations. And I’m not sure it would do much better anyway. I guess if you really knew how to adjust all the gizmo’s just right it would be fine but I don’t.

IMG_6049 IMG_6050


Regardless the tour was very good. Diane said she enjoyed the Historic tour the most and I liked the New Entrance tour. I liked the tighter passageways and the formations and Diane liked the idea of touring the dry cave,, something we had not done before. They were both good.

Here are a couple facts about the cave that you might not know:

The current length of other long caves

Jewel Cave in South Dakota :160 miles

Optymistychna in Ukraine: 147 miles

Sistema Ox Bel Ha in Mexico :145 miles

Wind Cave in South Dakota : 137 miles

Sistema Sac Actun in Mexico : 135 miles

Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico : 130 miles

Hoelloch in Switzerland : 123 miles

Fisher Ridge System in Kentucky 118 miles

The Clearwater System in Malaysia : 117 miles

And another fact

The caves otherworldly environment has prompted people to test theries and try experiments.

Dr. John Croghan believed the constant temperature of the cave air would benefit his tunerculosis patients. In 1842 he had stone and wood huts built inside the cave to house over a dozen sufferers of this wasting disease of the lungs. No patients were cured by this treatment and the sanatorium shut down in 1843. Dr Croghan himself died of tuberculosis in 1849.

And yet another

In 1938, sleep researcher Nathaniel Kleitman and his student lived in the cave for over a month. Isolated from the alternation of day and night, they tracked sleeping and waking cycles and body temperature, making important breakthroughs in understanding circadian rhythms, the daily activity cycle many organisms exhibit.

After our tour we decided to head out of the park and go to El Mazatlan for a late lunch which turned out to be dinner as well. I’m happy to report that we finally had a good meal!! The atmosphere was very colorful and the food was pretty good. We would go back again.

Then it was time to head home to shower and kick back for awhile before heading into downtown Cave City where they had the streets blocked off and a live band.


We took our lawn chairs with and sat in the street listening to the band and people watched for some time. This is the type of thing we really enjoy about sticking to the smaller town venues. The band was pretty good and everyone seemed to be having a great time.


We still have a couple more days here in the area and what else we will do at this point is up in the air. There are a couple walking trails in the Mammoth Cave National Park that I think we will do and we might,, just might make our way to the Corvette plant in Bowling Green.

One thing I know we have to do is figure out where we will be going next.

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