Travel day from Pigeon Forge TN to Cave City Kentucky

Well,,, we have moved on from Pigeon Forge TN to Cave City Kentucky.

We enjoyed TN. We went in at the west end and even though we dropped down south in Mississippi and Alabama for a bit we went back up into Tennessee in the middle and traveled east enough to get a great feel for the state. And the eastern part for us anyway was the best.

A little story,,, our last afternoon in Pigeon Forge I decided we should go visit a place called Knife Works. It was only 7 miles from our campground. Easy right??? Well after 45 min. on the road our gps showed we still had 5 miles to go and all we could see in front of us were cars,, cars and more cars!!

I decided to heck with it and pulled a U turn and headed back home. I knew we were ready to get out of the crowds but I hadn’t realized just how ready until that moment! Once we got home I started packing up the outside and told Diane that if she wanted a shower she better get it because I was going to dump the holding tanks and unhook the water in preparation of a early departure Monday morning. There was no way in H*** I was going to deal with that traffic while leaving. And Diane had absolutely no problem with that,, she had her fill as well LOL!!

We actually set a alarm Monday morning. Something we have only done maybe twice since we hit the road almost 9 months ago. In fact we had put the alarm clock away and had to find it LOL!! But I wanted to get up at 4:30 and be on the road at 6 and I knew the new us was not accustomed to just waking up at 4:30 any more. Less than a year ago that’s when I woke up every day without any prompting. But not any more.

Things worked out pretty much as planned. After breakfast and walking Jack we had the engine running at 6am. By the time we hooked up the Jeep and filled with fuel we were actually leaving town at 6:45 and traffic was at a minimum. There was traffic but nothing compared to what we had been dealing with the last week.

We decided to head towards Cave City KY. So we had a 250 mile travel day ahead but with the early start plus dropping back a time zone we would be off the road pretty early.(I will just splatter is a couple pictures Diane took as we drove,, It’s hard for me to get her to take pictures LOL!! And she will hit me when she reads this)

IMG_5949 IMG_5950

I printed out a set of direction from Map Quest and punched in our destination in our GPS and after we headed north out of Knoxville TN the two had different routes. I decided to follow the GPS. Well let me tell you that I need to check the settings on that GPS because I think it now thinks we are traveling on a motorcycle or in a sports car from the road it put us on.


That GPS just kept repeating,,, warning curves ahead,, warning winding roads ahead,, warning narrow winding roads ahead!!  The road was full of 20 to 35mph curves. A road that  we would LOVE while touring on the bike and a road that we would hate to come up behind a big ass motor home on while doing it LOL!!

Luckily traffic was very light on that road but at one point we met a large trick in the middle of a sharp curve and we both had guardrails next to our lanes and not much room between the pavement and guardrails to boot. But that was probably the only pucker moment we had. I did decide to check our routs a little closer from this point forward however LOL!! I think we will run into more of that type of thing here in the eastern states.


That road spit us out in Summerset where we got on a scenic byway that gave us a nice mellow ride the rest of the way to Glasgow where we turned off and made our way 14 miles more to the small town of Cave City. It’s located just 5 miles from the entrance of the Mammoth Caves National Park.

Once we pulled in and set up we chilled for a while and later went for our usual tour of the area. That didn’t take long because the town of Cave City itself is pretty small and we didn’t feel like venturing out any further.

There is a Cracker Barrel restaurant here in town and we have heard many people rave about them but neither of us have ever been in one before so we gave it a whirl. And to be honest I don’t know what the fascination is because we certainly were not smitten with our meals. And Diane ordered a combo plate and they were out of one meat that was supposed to be on the plate and they offered her more vegetables to take the place of the meat,,, LOL!!! I told the waitress that vegetables were hardly a even trade.

Then we waited long enough for our food that even the other people around us made mention that we MIGHT get fed today. It was probably just a poor snapshot of what they really are on a every day basis but we probably won’t be standing in line at a Cracker Barrel waiting for a table any time soon.

After dinner we headed home.

The owner of this park takes great pride in it and it shows by the nice landscaping. It’s probably one of the nicest landscaped parks we have stayed at so far. Plus he seems like a nice guy and takes part in the daily operation. In fact he lead us to our spot in his golf cart when we arrived.

And corn fields to the rear of us.

And corn fields to the rear of us.

Corn fields to the front of us..

Corn fields to the front of us..

It does have a train track close buy and you can hear some road noise while sitting outside but it is still FAR better than the last place we stayed and the area is more kicked back. In fact Thursday night we plan to visit the Farmers Market and Friday night there is a concert in the park we plan to attend.

A nice gathering area and the dog run is just beyond it in the nice grassy area.

A nice gathering area and the dog run is just beyond it in the nice grassy area.


I‘m sure we will go do a cave tour and also make it to Bowling Green to tour the Corvette factory and to Hodgenville where Lincoln was born. And Diane mentioned a round of Putt Putt Golf beings we didn’t get to play in Pigeon Forge.

IMG_5955 IMG_5954

But Today,, Tuesday I told Diane I just wanted to have a kicked back day and do little of nothing except maybe a walk,, practice on the Dulcimer and maybe a trip to the hardware store. The water softener we received a few days ago came with a real nice PLASTIC fitting that I want to replace with a brass one.  That plastic one will not last long and I don’t want it breaking at a inopportune time which you know it would.

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2 Responses to Travel day from Pigeon Forge TN to Cave City Kentucky

  1. Mary says:

    Always pay attention to the height of the bridges in the east, especially the railroad bridges! Much lower than in the west.

  2. Dave & Diane says:

    Good point Mary. I have a link online that shows low clearances in each state. I have not had to look at it much but should probably take it to my desktop and check it more often now. By the way here is the link.

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