We visited the Pickin Porch

Saturday 7/6/13. The weather had cleared a little and because Jack has had pretty limited exercise since we hit the Pigeon Forge area we decided to head up to a park we noticed just up the road and walk a trail.


Obviously people that lived in the area before the park was built are not really happy with it. There are a number of signs talking about how the city spent 17 million dollars on the park yet will not construct a privacy wall to help keep the countless hours of noise down for the residence. But it is a very nice park none the less with a couple very nice baseball fields as well as basketball and it is very well done landscape wise. But maybe we would feel the same way if we once had a forest in our back yard and then POOF, there were hundreds of people playing in a park behind us..

After the park we headed home for showers and then relaxed around camp until 4:30 when we headed back out to Townsend. We went to a small locally owned restaurant called Firefly that was recommended by the folks down at Wood N Strings . They said they had some of the best liver and onion they had ever tasted which got my attention and a BLT with fried green tomato and fried okra that was to die for which got Diane’s attention.

The Firefly in Townsend TN.

The Firefly in Townsend TN.

The food was good and the restaurant had a nice feel to it so we enjoyed ourselves.

After dinner we headed to Mike Clemmer’s shop, Wood N Strings, for a free jamb session that started at 7. Normally they would have it in there back yard on the Pickin Porch but with the weather being so iffy it was held in there music work shop.


And what a treat we had. One of the guests that played was Steve Seifert. He is recognized as one of the top 5 dulcimer players in the WORLD.

That's Steve on the left and Mike on the right

That’s Steve on the left and Mike on the right

And another guest that just happened to be in the area was Sarah Morgan.    Sarah is a native of East Tennessee and just a short time ago she became a national champion dulcimer player. At 18, Sarah placed 1st at the 2012 National Mountain Dulcimer Championships held in Winfield, KS. She has also won multiple titles including Mid-Eastern Region Mountain Dulcimer Champion, Kentucky State, and Southern Region Champion.

Steve on the left and Sarah on the right

Steve on the left and Sarah on the right

And of course the world wide known dulcimer craftsman and player Mike Clemmer was there and also played a little.

There were about 75 people that attended and at times everyone sang or hummed along. It was a good time and great experience.

After the jam session we headed home and kicked back the remainder of the evening,, which wasn’t much.

Today Sunday 7/7/13 we woke to rain. We seem to be in a wet pattern but if it clears any we want to go to one of the many putt putt golf places and have a little fun. I think we will also run up the road to a huge knife shop to take a tour. Other wise this will probably be a low key day. Some people are leaving the park which is nice and I think we are both about filled to the brim with crowds about now LOL!!


We are scheduled to leave here in the morning but have made no real plan on where we will go yet but I think we are leaning towards Cave City Kentucky. It is very close to Mammoth Cave National Park and that is someplace I think we want to see. And that will get us into our 12th state since we hit the road.

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One Response to We visited the Pickin Porch

  1. Jim says:

    Thanks for the update, always good to hear from you two plus Jack.

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