Travel day from Nashville to Pigeon Forge

Let me catch up a little.

Sunday 6/30/13 we lifted jacks and left Nashville headed to Pigeon Forge TN. It was about a 240 mile travel day that would take us through Knoxville TN. Yet another big city to go through!! Didn’t I mention at the beginning of this adventure that we were going to try and avoid the big cities?  Well I thought I did.

Oh well,, we don’t normally travel on weekends but because we had to get out of Nashville and go through Knoxville,, both large cities,, we decided traveling on Sunday made perfect sense. And it worked for the most part. Even though while going through Knoxville there were a couple times that we had 5 lanes of traffic and we were sandwiched  between to semi’s on a not so great section of road. And all running about the same speed,, you know,,, those long extended pass modes.

About two miles before our exit at Pigeon Forge traffic started bunching up pretty good and then all traffic in the right lane came to a stop ½ mile from the exit. And it wasn’t because of a accident or anything,, it was just heavy traffic trying to get into town.

Once off the freeway we made our way through Sevierville and into Pigeon Forge (both towns sort of blend together). Traffic was bumper to bumper and stop and go all the way until we turned off of the main drag and made our way to the Creekside RV Park.

While we were calling around trying to find a spot to be over the 4th of July it seemed lucky that we found a spot at all. And the spot we found here at Creekside was there last one and they said they don’t normally put 40 foot Rv’s in it and I see why. We are crammed tight in here but hey,,, we have a spot so we will make do. But we do HAVE TO get better at planning ahead around holidays.

Once settled in and cooled off we again did our normal jumping in the Jeep and heading out for a tour of the land. Because we had already went through the main drag of Sevierville and part of Pigeon Forge on our drive in (even though I didn’t see much of it while driving) we decided to head towards Gatlinburg just a few miles out of town. You see,, when you talk about visiting Pigeon Forge you really are talking about Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.

It was a nice short drive but holy cow!!! When we got to Gatlinburg it was wall to wall people and cars!! It was completely nuts. Now this is coming from a couple of small town people.

We decided to just drive through and then retrace our route and head home for some dinner and go back to Gatlinburg early Monday for our walking tour in hope of less people. If it’s this busy on a Monday I can’t imagine what it will be like over the 4th and the weekend.

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4 Responses to Travel day from Nashville to Pigeon Forge

  1. Lar says:

    I guess Don and I forgot about the traffic, but yes, there is traffic down there. We found a little road heading west that we took back to Memphis when we left. Once in that traffic was enough. Traffic in Branson was like that the last time I was there. You going to run the Dragon in the Jeep? Have fun.

  2. Dave & Diane says:

    LOL!!! I made Diane sick today just driving in the Smoky Mountain National Park. I’d probably have to spend a bunch of time on the side of the road with her having her head out the door if we did the Dragon in the Jeep LOL!! Probably better if I stay out of the bike’s way. Let them have the fun.

  3. Richard King says:

    You may want to get Dianne some motion sickness pills and go on the Dragon. It is fun to just pull on at a pull out and watch the bikes coming around some of the curves at the speeds that some of them come. We really enjoyed it.

    Are you going to take the Phaeton on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Great scenery!!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Dang,, we were almost to the Dragon today it sounds like while we was in Townsend. Not sure if we will make it there. And we do want to run the Blue Ridge Parkway. Just not sure where we will pick it up. We also want to see the eastern seaboard. So much to see!!

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