Our last day in Nashville and a visit to the Antique Archeology

6/29/13… Saturday and our last full day in Nashville. I think we have seen everything we set out to see here and maybe a couple more things so we feel pretty good. But because we had a full day to kill and we didn’t want to do it by sitting around the RV we decided to find the American Pickers store front.


The American Pickers TV series debuted on January 18, 2010 and the premiere episode had 3.1 million viewers making it the highest rated History channel debut since Ice Road Truckers in 2007.

  The original store front is in LeClaire Iowa and the second opened here in Nashville in 2011.  The stores are actually called “ Antique Archaeology”

And you may or may not know but Mike Wolf is the soul owner of the Antique Archaeology stores and the things you see him “pick” on the show is what you will find in them. Frank Fritz has his own way of selling things and does it separately from Mike most of the time it seems.

It works out pretty well for them to work the way they do because the both have different interests so they don’t ever feel like they are battling over the same items.


Another thing I didn’t know is that Mike now lives in Tennessee, about 45 minutes away from the Nashville store front and Frank lives in Savannah Illinois. The show leads us to think that they are still from Iowa, at least I see it that way.

Well one thing was certain as we drove up to the shop,,, our idea wasn’t very original LOL!!! There was already a line outside waiting to get in.


Once inside we could see why a line was formed. The shop really isn’t that big and if everyone just piled in it would be a mess. I have been in hock shops that are much larger than the Antique Archaeology shop. But they were not nearly a cool to see.

It certainly was not what we expected but worth the visit if for no other reason than to say,,,, HEY,, we have been there.

IMG_5810 IMG_5811

From what we gather it is not nearly as crowded on weekdays. Heck they even had a band playing during the weekend. So if we happen to be in Iowa near there other location we will keep that in mind and visit mid week.

IMG_5817 IMG_5815

After Antique Archaeology we were pretty close to the Capitol building so we drove over and checked it out. Visiting the downtown area in large cities in my mind should always be done on the weekends. There are a lot less people and traffic.


When we headed out on this adventure of fulltime Rv living we said it was a lifestyle change and could not become one big vacation. And we have lived by that pretty well so far even though we have seen many new things since we have been on the road. BUT,, I will have to say we have treated our time in the Nashville area more like a vacation than anyplace we have been so far.

It didn’t really come as much of a surprise to us though. We knew there would be places here in the east that we really wanted to scour while here. And along with that I guess comes the vacation mode.

But really I guess I shouldn’t use vacation mode so loosely because we are not trying to cram everything into a few short days and then having to worry about traveling home like we did while on vacation in our previous life style. We are picking and choosing the top places on our list and spreading them out pretty well yet still seeing everything we want to while not being on a tight schedule. So see,,, vacation mode still does not fit,, so I feel better LOL!!! See how easy it is to talk through things!!!

One could argue that spending more money on campground fee’s and entertainment and eating out like we have here in Nashville can be directly related to vacation mode and I couldn’t really disagree with that point. But then again,,, we don’t have to LOL!!  

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One Response to Our last day in Nashville and a visit to the Antique Archeology

  1. That was a very cool tour of the Antique Archaeology store. We’ve been fans of the American Pickers show for quite some time now and were also under the impression that the guys lived in Iowa.

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