Travel day to Nashville TN.

6/24/13 It was time to leave our spot on the lake at Joe Wheeler State Park and head to Nashville TN.

Having never been in Nashville before we had no idea what traffic would be like but I imagined it had to be significant with a population of  610,000. And after looking at the map we noticed we had more than a couple switches from one major road to another by the downtown area so we wanted to hit town mid morning in hope of a easy drive.

So we got up and around and was on the road at 8am. Even though we had over a half tank of fuel and our drive was only 130 miles to Nashville I wanted to stop and fill up while in a small town. Our next to spots are going to be in heavy traffic areas so no need to deal with fuel in those places.

The drive was pretty easy and we were pretty lucky traffic wise once we hit the big city. And each time we made a freeway or highway change we had at least a mile before our next switch which makes it nice when your in 4 lanes of traffic and your next exit might be on the other side of all the lanes LOL!!

We pulled into Yogi Bear Jellystone RV Park at about 11 I guess. We were checked in and set up pretty quickly. While checking in I had to sign my credit card receipt and stick it in my wallet as fast as I could!! I didn’t want to stare at the dollar amount any longer than I had to. At a little over $50 per night it is by the far the most expensive place we have EVER camped at.


Once set up and we had lunch we figured it was time to jump in the Jeep and take a driving tour of the area and get a lay of the land like we always do.

While out we found the Grand Old Opry and stopped in to look around a bit and bought tickets to a guided tour for Tuesday morning at 9:30.


Then we stopped in the Opry Mills. It’s a huge mall! We just poked our heads in but ended up doing a lap through it. Diane dove in one shop but that was it. And we happened across the Nashville Bass Pro Shop so of course we had to stop in there. But again,,, we didn’t buy anything.

After a little more driving around we found our way back home and had dinner and chilled in preparation of a busy day Wed.

As I finish writing this we have already had our busy Wed. but I will write about it on our next update. Just to much to write about,,, The Grand Old Opry tour,,, a visit downtown in the music district and then a drive out to the Hermitage for a tour of Andrew Jackson’s Plantation. So stay tuned. But before I can write about all that,,,,, I need a nap LOL!!!

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