A great day at Joe Wheeler State Park in Alabama

6-20-13 It’s been pretty mellow here since our last update. Thursday I took some time wiping down the RV and rest of the day we spent taking walks and kicking back. That may not sound very exciting but after dealing with Red Bay for the last week it felt pretty darn good LOL!!

We ran across these turtles while on one of our walks.

We ran across these turtles while on one of our walks.

Friday morning 6-21-13 we decided to give the local golf course a whirl. So after breakfast and Jacks walk we headed over to play 18 holes before the day warmed up to much.

The course is called General. Named after General Joe Wheeler.  I play from the white Tee’s and it is 6564 yards and Diane plays from the Red Tee’s making it 5334 yards.

For the most part the fairways are pretty wide but with enough hills and doglegs  to make it interesting especially playing the course for the first time.  Not a bunch of sand and there are only a few holes that water ever comes into play.

I figured because we don’t get out and play nearly as much as we would like we would really have a tough day but to my surprise we both played pretty well the first 6 or so holes. Then we both started to crumble a bit LOL!!

The Red Tee’s were just far enough ahead of the Whites that Diane was having a fun time getting her drives out to where mine were landing off the Whites LOL!!


I normally tee off with a old utility club that I bought in a hock shop over 20 years ago but it’s pretty reliable. Not real long but normally under control. But of course the old competitive side came out with Diane getting a dig in here and there because she out drove me and I broke out the driver for a couple holes and more times than not it gets me in trouble right away LOL!!! But I dropped back to teeing off with my 3 wood and things came back together.

Now stay still ball while I hit the snot out of you!!

Now stay still ball while I hit the snot out of you!!

I don’t really know what we shot score wise. We sort of kept score but not really. When you play as little as we do it’s more about the outing than it is a score. We had a great time and that’s all that really matters.

After golf we headed home and showered. And after a little kick back time we jumped in the Jeep and headed into Rogersville to have dinner at Butlers’s.          .

The camp host made mention that it had the best Catfish in the area and after reading a few reviews online that seemed to agree we figured we would give it a try.

When you drive up to the place it’s pretty plain but the parking lot had a fair amount of cars which is always a good sign. And when we went inside and had a seat it appeared that the locals were having a good time and that’s always a good sign as well.

Diane and I both ordered grilled Catfish. She ordered the Lemon herb and I ordered Cajon and then we shared with each other. We both also had Sweet Potato’s and Hushpuppies as our side dishes.

Neither of us could really pick which we liked better but the two together sure made a great combination. The bite of the Cajon and the nice refreshing tang of the lemon. MMMMMMM,,,,, MMMMMMM,,, MMMMMM.

I would certainly go back again BUT there is a highly rated BBQ joint in town that I think we would have to try if we go out for a meal again while here.

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