New TV’s and our final days in Red Bay Alabama

Like I mentioned in our last update Sunday was a kick back day. A few walks and some visiting with fellow Tiffin owners, Diane did a load of towels at the campground laundry, a trip to the fresh fruit and vegetable stand and a bunch of TV time. So nothing exciting yet just productive enough to feel we didn’t totally waste the day.

While visiting with a couple from Ca. they mentioned that they had a appointment with Chris Berry to finish up a job he has been working on for the last 3 days. Hmmmm, we had a appointment at 8 as well. Should be interesting I said.

They felt he had about 1 hour of work left to finish them up so I asked them to just tell Chris that we would roll in a little late instead of clogging things up.

So we drug our feet a little Monday morning and rolled into Chris’s shop at 8:30.  We then sat until 1:30 before Chris was able to start our project!! As it turns out the other couple kept adding things to the list of things for Chris to do above and beyond what they were originally scheduled for.

Now in my mind the right thing to do would have been to complete the originally planned job and then have them wait until the next scheduled job was complete and then get back to them but that didn’t happen.

As I have mentioned before,,, I’m trying very hard to live a more calm and kicked back life style but once again I was very challenged to achieve that goal.

After sitting for a couple hours I found myself becoming very impatient. I was ready to pull the slides in and leave. I was ready to take the TV’s back to Best Buy and say at heck with it but with a little help from Diane I kept my cool LOL!!!

And after it was all said and done I’m glad because Chris did a great job and we are very happy with the finished product.

The old TV

The old TV

The new 40" Samsung smart TV. Not a great shot. But the viewing area is much larger. I have not figured out the smart tv part yet

The new 40″ Samsung smart TV. Not a great shot. But the viewing area is much larger. I have not figured out the smart tv part yet.

The old TV in the bedroom

The old TV in the bedroom

The new 29" Samsung in the bedroom

The new 29″ Samsung in the bedroom

And some new storage was created. We now use this area as a charging area for all of our electronic goodies and storage for Diane's computer

And some new storage was created. We now use this area as a charging area for all of our electronic goodies and storage for Diane’s computer

But we didn’t get back to the campground until after 7pm!! And of course it started raining just to add a little salt in the wound.

Our original plan was to go to Chris’s at 8,, have the TV’s install and then head north east and hit a a state park by the Tennessee state line for a few days but something told me to just leave the Jeep at the Tiffin campground and just spend another night and move on. AND I’M GLAD WE DID. It avoided the stress of hitting the road so late and then try to find a place to camp.

Instead of taking the kicked back approach I should have gotten up extra early and raced the other couple to Chris’s LOL!!!

I was sort of happy that the couple that caused the hold up left the campground before we had a chance to run into each other Tuesday morning in fear that some of the OLD Dave might have come out and I’d probably feel bad about that LOL!!

If I can get through just a couple more challenging times like that without the OLD Dave coming out I might be able to classify myself as reformed!!!

By the time we set back up at camp we decided that a bowl of cereal would be just fine for dinner and then kicked back and watched a little TV.

About 1 AM we were woke up by a pretty good thunder storm so I jumped up and closed all the windows. It was really coming down and the light show was pretty good. Of course so much for getting back to sleep for a couple hours for me anyway.

Our plan was to leave Red Bay Tuesday and head to Joe Wheeler State Park but between a very short night of sleep and the weather not being very good Tuesday morning we decided to just stay put and travel Wednesday when the weather is supposed to be much better. Besides,, Camp Red Bay is such a great place we hate to leave LOL!! Those of you that have been here can appritiate the humor in that.

To be hones we have met some great people while here and have heard about some great places to visit. I didn’t mind our stay at all. In fact I think it’s time to get outside and enjoy our final night of socializing here.

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2 Responses to New TV’s and our final days in Red Bay Alabama

  1. Lar says:

    A “Smart” TV, in an RV???? What is this world coming to? We have the new big smart Samsung in the living room, kind of fun to talk to it and use hand signals. So much more we have not worked on yet. Looks like once you got the work completed, it was excellent and worth the wait.

  2. Dave & Diane says:

    Hand signal??!! I don’t remember reading about using hand signals LOL!! Heck I used hand signals with my old stupid TV during Kansas City games but it never helped. Maybe it will help using them during the game with this SMART Tv LOL!!!

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