Wet bay repair day and service

6/13/13.. Thursday morning rolled around and it was our day to hit the wet bay  repair shop. I figured that if we really were going to be third in line it would be at least 11am before our turn came around so no need to rush this morning. But by 10 we had everything stowed and all of the tanks empty so all I had to do is put the slides in,, lift the jacks,, unplug and drive over.

We could see the bay we would be going to from our camp spot so while sitting outside I saw a rig back out about 10:30 and sure enough we got the call to head on over. Cool,,, things are still clicking along.

After pulling in the bay and we got the introductions out of the way the guys got busy. They made sure the black and grey tanks were secure and then they disconnected everything from the fresh water tank and yanked it out. Then they cut the entire wet bay floor out all the way across the motor home. After the floor was gone,, and it was in pretty bad shape I might add,, they cleaned all of the rails that the floor rested on and got it ready to receive the new floor. Then the new floor was put in place,, screwed down and caulked. Holes were cut for the hot and cold water lines,, drain valve, over flow tube as well as for a new pan in the control compartment.

IMG_5564 IMG_5565 IMG_5566

After filling the fresh water tank with air and spraying soapy water all over it to check for any leaks they slid the tank back in place and hooked everything back up. Then tested all of the drains for leaks.

IMG_5567 IMG_5568

They found one leak they created in the shower drain so they took it out and replaced it with a new one after cutting the hole that the drain tube dropped down through. It seems at the time it was made the hole was off a little and the p-trap was not straight up and down. But it is now!!

Sounds simple doesn’t it LOL!! It took them a little over 3 hours to complete the job.

We then decided to have dinner at a Mexican restaurant up the street called Estancia. As I have mentioned in the past, Mexican food is my least favorite but is Diane’s favorite. And I don’t dislike it necessarily because of the taste even though I don’t do beans but it simply does not agree with me most of the time. And this was one of those times!! It had me curled up in a fetal position a good chunk of the night. But it was obvious it didn’t have the same effect on Diane because she slept like a log LOL!!

Because we finally had things somewhat figured out time wise I called Bay Diesel and scheduled service. You see Tiffin does not do any fluid changes and (although debated by some) it seems Bay Diesel is a very popular spot to have service completed. We set up a time for 11:30 Friday.

So Friday we took the short drive over to there shop and had the engine oil and filter, Transmission oil and filter, fuel filter and the air drier filter changed as well as the generator oil and filter change along with the fuel filter and a chassis lube.

After the service was completed I headed back over to the Tiffin service center campground and set up again. A short time later Diane and Jack showed up after another day at the park.

Diane had a little story to tell from her day at the park. It seems she saw a snake in the water that found it’s way to a limb where it appeared to stretch out and enjoy some sun. While perched there part of it’s body was in the water and Diane swears she saw some bubbles come up in the water around it’s body area. She told Jack,,, that snake just farted!!!! Then she saw it take a poop!!! I guess she felt that’s a once in a lifetime event because she wanted to make sure I got that in the blog LOL!! I guess I can honestly say that I have never seen a snake go to the bathroom so maybe it is something to make mention of LOL!!

I’m not sure if the snake incident has been the highlight of Diane’s time here in Red Bay or seeing a firefly for the first time in her life the other night while outside visiting with our neighbors and new friends Fern and Jerry. But both seemed to impress her greatly.

Fern and Jerry mentioned going out to dinner Friday night and that sounded good to us. So around 6pm we headed up the road to the 4th Street Steakhouse. We had a nice visit and the food was pretty good as well.

After dinner we headed back home where we sat outside and visited some more while Fern gave Diane a lesson on how to crochet. Now Diane is all excited to hit a store and buy a needle so she can start making stuff. Thanks Fern,,,, now I guess we need to find a place to store her new found craft materials LOL!!!

We sat outside visiting until close to 10pm and then called it a night. Another pretty good day.

We could leave Red Bay now but we have a appointment with Chris Berry Monday morning at 8am to have our new TV’s installed plus we still have not been to the Rattlesnake Saloon or the Helen Keller House so we figured we would just stay put through the weekend and see those things Saturday.

I guess we better take a little time and figure out where our next stop will be also. We have a general direction in mind (Northeast) but with the holiday right around the corner I think we will have to find a not so popular and populated place to get through it. Maybe a Wal-Mart parking lot LOL!!! JUST KIDDING!

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2 Responses to Wet bay repair day and service

  1. Glad to hear that things are moving along well for you guys in Red Bay. Just an FYI, the Mexican restaurant over in Belmont is far better than the one you when to. LOL
    What was your impression of the work done over at Bay Diesel? We’ve used them on three occasions now and have been pleased with their work.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Thanks for the tip on the Mexican restaurant in Belmont but I think we will need to do Chinese 2 or 3 times before we have Mexican again LOL!!
      And I think Bay Diesel did a fine job. They had a youngster that they seemed to keep an on. In fact I was distracted for a bit talking to another customer but at the end I inspected the generator and asked to see the fuel filter they took off. It hadn’t been changed. Other than that it was all good.

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