Our day in the Express Bay at Tiffin

Wed 6/12/13.. We was hoping to get a call Tuesday night telling us to be at a bay early Wed. morning but that call never came. So we held out hope that we might get a early morning call or a knock on the door which never came.

At about 7:30 I strolled over to the shop to check with the scheduler to see what might be happening. I was told probably around 10am I would be in a bay. However that call didn’t come.

The new calm and patient me sat quietly in my lawn chair chatting with neighbors until I couldn’t take it any longer so about 11 I started walking back over to have another chat. I only walked about half way over and my phone rang and the guy on the other end said,,, bring your unit over to bay 9.

After getting the rig situated in the bay I went over the list of things to do with the lead tech (I will call him Tech A) and he started right in. Now as I mentioned before I only had 3 hours with 2 techs and what ever they could get done is what we would live with. At that point the 2nd tech was not around (I will call him tech F). I’m sure you can figure out the grading system LOL!!

I won’t go into all of the fine details but tech A was working pretty hard and it was easy to see that he was going to be productive but when tech F showed up and looked over the list and tech A finally made a comment to him like,,,, don’t you see ANYTHING on that list you can do,,, I could see there was a little tension LOL.

As it turns out tech A’s normal helper quit 2 weeks ago and in his words he doesn’t think tech F has worked a good day in his life yet they put him is a fast paced express bay.

Well tech A was staying very productive while tech F was fumbling around but I figured everything was still going to get done so I just stood back and watched. UNTIL,,,, tech A needed a helping hand and tech F was standing around outside. I asked tech A if I could help in any way but he said no thanks I’m sure my partner will look up here in a minute. But about that time tech F headed around the corner out of sight.

I could hear the frustration in Tech A’s voice as he said,, now I suppose he’s headed out to smoke!! Well that was about all I could take before the old me came out. I headed out to find him and sure enough he had a smoke in his hand. I barked out,, Hey,, your partner needs your help and I’m paying for you to be working.

Of course he cupped his cigarette in his hand and said (with smoke rolling out of his mouth) I was headed to the cabinet shop to get your piece of trim (that he broke by the way by taking it off of the wall in the bedroom). I then informed him that I happen to know that the cabinet shop is just down from our bay and it’s inside NOT outside LOL!!! Lets just say that him and I didn’t have a open line of communication from that point forward but tech A got a kick out of it.

I’m pretty sure that one of the supervisors over heard part of that because he walked by and asked if everything was going ok,,, I smiled and said things are fine. He just gave back a smile and said,,,, ok,, and kept walking.

Tech F at least hung around and didn’t disappear again.

At the end of our 3 hours everything on our list was complete and even a couple more things so I felt pretty good so I headed over to the schedulers office to see when we could get into the wet bay repair shop that couldn’t be scheduled until after we were done in the express bay. He looked at his book and said that we would be 3rd in line for Thursday. Things finally started to click along.

By that time it was around 3pm so I fired up the motor home, backed it out of the bay and headed back to our camp spot. Diane was just getting back from the park with Jack so perfect timing on her part.

As I was parking the rig Fed Ex pulled up with our new Direct TV receiver. Another perfect timing thing.

Did I ever mention that our Direct TV box gave out and we needed a new one?? Well it did LOL!!

So after we got all settled in again I started installing the new box and then called Direct TV to get it activated. Well that call took 48 min. and 53 seconds!!!! Geeeezzzzz.

Between the express bay and the Direct TV ordeal and the 96 degree temps with high humidity I was spent. And Diane was as well after spending a good part of the day at the park with Jack so we just kicked back outside and visited with our neighbors for a couple hours and called it a night.

Once again I realize I’m not caught up on the blog but I will call this good for now and talk about our experience at the Wet Bay repair bay on the next update. I will say that it was a better experience that the express bay LOL!!!

But right now we have to get ready to take the coach over to Bay Diesel to get a oil change and lube. That’s our project for today.

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2 Responses to Our day in the Express Bay at Tiffin

  1. Lar says:

    It appears even life on the road can be a pain at times, just have to remember all the trouble free days. At least you don’t have roof tore off half your house, LOL, and some showers forcasted. The coach should be ready for many trouble free miles after all this. Kathy asked if you guys were heading south or north, given the heat and humidity down south. Thanks for the reports.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Yep,, service is all part of life on the road. I’m not complaining to much. A lot of people here are going through far worse than we are.
      From here we will head north east. We want to spend some time in Tenn. I know that does not get us out of the humidity but we will just deal with it.

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