Last day at Trace State Park and moving on to Red Bay Alabama

Friday 6/7/13. This was our last day at Trace Trail State Park and because Saturday we head to Red Bay Alabama to the Tiffin plant we need to either go into town and buy the TV’s to replace our originals or just forget about it and keep what we have,,,,, well to town we went LOL!!

The first thing we did was to jump on the Natchez Trace Parkway and head to the visitor center and get some literature. As it turns out it had about the same things that we found in town at the visitor center there but it was fun walking through and reading about the history none the less. Here is a link.

Then we headed to Best Buy to check out TV’s.  After listening to a few recommendations and reading a few reviews we decided to buy a 40” Samsung LED Smart TV for the front and a 29” Samsung LED for the bedroom.

Then because we have heard there is absolutely nothing in Red Bay we headed to Wal-Mart to stock up. And stock up we did LOL!!

Then back home we went but we didn’t stay long. After putting everything away we headed back into town for dinner. We heard about a family owned Greek and Italian restaurant. And because Diane loves Greek food and Italian is my favorite food PLUS it is a locally owned joint we figured we couldn’t go wrong.


We went in early because of the huge Elvis event going on and we didn’t want to get tied up in the Friday night dinner crowd. And it worked out well. We were about the only people there while eating but as we left the parking lot started to fill up.

Then home again to kick back the rest of the evening. The park started to fill up with weekenders so our timing once again was working out by leaving on Saturday.


Saturday 6/8/13.. Now normally we wouldn’t travel on weekends but because we are headed to the Tiffin plant and they don’t take reservations and there busy time is of course during the week plus we have heard it is best to arrive Saturday to have a chance of slipping right into a full hookup spot we decided it would be a good idea.

So like any other travel day we went through our normal routine and was on the road at 9am.

There was one cool thing that happened. While Diane was out walking Jack she ran across a  people that happened across what appeared to be a injured Bald Eagle. Of course she didn’t have a camera.

As we headed to a wide area to hook the Jeep up (Diane was driving the Jeep and I was in the motor home) we happened across 2 park rangers that were looking for the Eagle. Diane stopped to inform them where she saw the bird just a short time ago which was farther up the road and around the corner.

While we hooked up the rangers passed by in the direction of where Diane told them. Once hooked up we headed out and sure enough we saw the Eagle with the rangers closing in with a net!! I was about to stop and watch but the ranger waved us through and we didn’t want to hamper there business. But it was good to know that the Eagle would no doubt be given the attention it needed.

Our drive was only about 70 miles so another easy day. And once we pulled into the Tiffin service center campground and entered the office we were happy to hear that a full hookup spot was in fact available.

Once settled in we (like always) jumped in the Jeep and went scouting.

We have heard that there was nothing in Red Bay so make sure you bring all the food you need, that’s why we did our big Wal-Mart shopping trip before we got here. But to our surprise we found a couple small grocery stores as well as a few restaurants, a nice looking park, a place that Diane can get her hair cut and a spot to get Jack groomed.  Heck,, this is the kind of town we like LOL!!!

Now camping at the Tiffin campground isn’t exactly what we are used to. It’s almost like camping in the middle of a huge RV sales lot. But it will be a fun experience none the less. There are probably 75 or 80 Tiffin motor homes sitting here in one place and of course the owners that go along with them. I’m sure there will be plenty of things going on to keep us occupied.

There will be a service person come by our coach Monday morning and will check our roof rails, wet bay floor and our slide floor mainly. Those are the culprits that this year Tiffin products had some issues with. So we wanted to have them checked while they are still under warranty. We have heard that the bill for roof rails alone is around $7000. We certainly don’t want to let our warranty run out and end up with THAT bill! Better safe than sorry.

There are a number of craftsmen in the Red Bay area that come highly recommended that do a number of things to Rv’s. And one of them is Chris Berry’s Woodworking. Once we meet with the service rep here at Tiffin we will have a better idea of our schedule and will then make arrangements with Chris to have the TV’s installed.

While in Red Bay we will also schedule a engine, chassis and generator service at Bay Diesel. More than likely we will end up being in this area for a couple weeks. But it has to be done.

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2 Responses to Last day at Trace State Park and moving on to Red Bay Alabama

  1. Kyra says:

    What’s a roof rail? Kyra

  2. Dave & Diane says:

    The roof on a Tiffin is one piece fiberglass and of course the side walls are fiberglass. There is a radius cap down each side that connects then together. That’s called the roof rail or roof cap. If defective they need to take the awning off of the passenger side and then take booth rails off. Put new rails on,, paint them and then put the awning back on. I hear that takes 3 different days for that task. Of the 3 things I mentioned that they are checking this would be the worst thing to have to deal with.

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