Time to leave Memphis and head into Mississippi

6/5/13.… This morning was our day to leave Memphis and head towards Trace state Park in Mississippi. Once we got out of town a ways the drive wasn’t bad at all except for a couple stretches of road construction. And those roads need it!! It was right at 100 miles and maybe a bit under. Again,,, just the way I like them.

We pulled into the park at 11:30 and didn’t have any problem at all getting a site right on the lake under some tree’s for some shade. The down side is we can’t get satellite again but we do get local stations off of our crank up antenna. So we are happy with the shade.

Our spot at Trace State Park just a few miles outside of Tupelo Mississippi. Nice spot on the lake.

Our spot at Trace State Park just a few miles outside of Tupelo Mississippi. Nice spot on the lake.

We paid for 3 nights and at this point plan to leave here on Saturday and head to Red Bay Alabama to the Tiffin Plant. They have a campground there for people wanting service and we hear it is always full mid week but thins down on Fridays. So we figure we will roll in on the weekend and hopefully get a spot. If not we will have to dry camp until a spot opens up. And in this heat we don’t really feel like dry camping.

I hear Tiffin is packed right now with units wanting service so we will monitor the situation and if it appears things are going to be crazy there we will just prolong our stay hear on go next week. This is a nice park and we are not far away from Tupelo and it seems there is plenty to see and do there.

Once we picked our spot Diane went back to the visitor center to pay for our nights and I stayed and set things up. I was dripping wet with sweat by the time I finished and it NOT hard work setting up. It didn’t take me long to get both air conditioners going!!

The sun was shinning and we got a little walk in before a storm rolled through. And it came on fast!! We had some thunder and lightning along with some rain but it only lasted about a hour. But it’s supposed to happen again tomorrow afternoon. All part of traveling this part of the country this time of year I guess.

Tomorrow we are going to head into a town called Sherman and poke around for a while then probably head into Tupelo. There is supposed to be a big Elvis event going on so I’m sure the place will be busy.    

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