A day touring Tupelo Mississippi

Thursday 6/6/13 A beautiful morning after a good nights sleep. Well for me anyway. As I mentioned we are camped right next to a lake. I could almost spit a watermelon seed from the Rv to the water and it seems there are some critters that live in and around the lake that can be pretty loud at night LOL!!

I would guess that they are frogs but they don’t sound like any frogs we have ever head. These make a sound that is more like a scream. So it’s not as soothing as a normal croaking of a frog that we are used to.

I didn’t have much trouble falling to sleep but I guess Diane did.


After our morning coffee and normal routine we headed into Sherman to look around a little before going on to Tupelo.

The first thing we did in Tupelo was find downtown and take a stroll through the streets and then we headed to the Tupelo National Battlefield.


In July, 1864, Union forces, including men from the United States Colored Troops, marched into Tupelo, Mississippi. Disorganized Confederate soldiers fought fiercely but could not overpower the federal troops. Neither side could claim a clear victory, but Union troops had succeeded in their main goal: keeping the Confederates away from Union railroads in Tennessee.

Here is a link to more info on the battle.


After the Battlefield we headed to the Tupelo Automobile Museum. But along the way we saw the visitor center so we stopped in. To our surprise they had a live radio remote going on and they were providing free lunch’s!! They had salad, chicken, pork loin, green beans and baked beans as well as 2 kinds of deserts.

Of course they told us to dig in,,, and we did.  It turns out that this weekend is the largest Elvis event of the year here in Tupelo.

The Tupelo Elvis Festival is a musical celebration designed to honor Elvis Presley, Tupelo’s native son, and the impact his music continues to have on the world. This year’s festival features the annual Elvis Tribute Artist Contest preliminary where the winner will represent Tupelo during Elvis Week 2013. In addition to all of the great music, the festival features a number of local food vendors, a carnival midway, beauty pageant, 5k run, parade, disc golf, movie poster exhibit, and much more.

After our,, free lunch,, we headed to the Tupelo Automobile Museum. And what a surprise!! They had a great display of cars. Many of which we had never heard of. I took a ton of pictures but I’ll only share a few.


1903 Cadillac Model A

1903 Cadillac Model A

1904 White Model D

1904 White Model D

As we slowly strolled through Diane reminded me of a comment I made on the blog about our time at Graceland and how people just kept passing us by while she took it all in. She said that me at the Auto Museum is a lot like her at Graceland LOL!! Ok,, we are even .

1908 Firestone Columbus

1908 Firestone Columbus

1936 Lagonda

1936 Lagonda

There was about 7 rows of cars like this,

There was about 7 rows of cars like this,

Then we headed to the Elvis Presley Park. We saw the house that Elvis was born in and then we went into the gift shop and museum and watched a short movie about his life while he lived in Tupelo before his family moved to Memphis. Here is a link to the park.


Diane on the front porch of the house Elvis was born in.

Diane on the front porch of the house Elvis was born in.

By that time we about had enough so we headed home to kick back and enjoy some quiet time.

Tomorrow we will head back into town and check out a new TV to replace the one in the front of our motor home. I think we can put a 40” in place of the Panasonic that came with the Rv. I’m pretty sure we will get a Samsung LED. It should provide us with a larger picture area as well as a better picture and it will take less power which will be nice during our boon docking times.

And we need to grocery shop. Our next stop will be Red Bay Alabama and I’m told there isn’t much for shopping there. And we want to hit the visitor center on the Natchez Trace Trail just outside of town. After we leave Red Bay we are thinking about jumping on the Natchez and taking it up into Tennessee so we want to pick up some literature.

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  1. Ray Reimann says:

    Can’t wait to read all about my favorite motor home manufacturer.

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