Day 2 at The Village Creek State PArk

Saturday 6/1/13… It stayed pretty warm last night, probably stayed around 70. I will say that one thing we miss about Grants Pass is it cools down at night so it’s normally comfortable sleeping even mid summer.

Once up and around we grabbed Jack and went for a good long morning walk. And good thing we did it when we did because it wasn’t long after we returned that it started raining.

It didn’t rain solid all day but it sure had a few good down pours and showers between the downpours. Enough to keep us inside most of the day.

I tried to go out and fly my helicopter at one point but that was short lived. It was very wet and there was just enough wind to make it impossible to get any good fly time.

So,,, we are not getting satellite and our cell service is intermittent. I’m not sure what’s up with the satellite,, we seem to get a strong number from the transponder but that’s it. I spent a good chunk of time trying to make it work but became frustrated and gave up. I’m hoping that when we move to our next spot I find it was just the area and not something else.

Things like the satellite getting a transponder and no picture and the cell phone working on and off just drive me crazy. I’m much better off if I just KNOW we have no cell service or we KNOW we can’t get satellite because of the tree’s and be done with it. But when things are off and on again in the same spot it just drives be bonkers!!

With all the rain we had yesterday they cancelled the Golf Cart Safari we had hopped to go on last night as well!!

By mid afternoon I was getting a bit restless so we decided to jump in the jeep and drive to Parkin Archeological State Park that is only 20 miles away. They have a  visitor center that is supposed to have a bunch of displays.

I was so willing to do ANYTHING that I didn’t think about the time until we were on the road. I asked Diane what time they closed and after looking at the brochure it said 5 and it was 4 at that point. So that idea went out the window.

But we drove far enough to get good cell service and decided to take advantage of it and call for our reservations at the Graceland RV Park in Memphis. That’s where we are headed next on Monday for 2 nights.

Then it was back home where we just made a pot of soup and hunkered down and watched a movie we had recorded.

When we went to bed it was pouring outside and we both felt bad for the tent campers we saw spread out through the park.

Tomorrow we plan to attempt the Parkin State Park again.

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4 Responses to Day 2 at The Village Creek State PArk

  1. Lar says:

    Dry as a bone here. No tornados, very little wind. Kathy and I rode out to a Peony exhibit south of Cave Junction and then over the hill from Lake Selmac to Williams, beautifull day for a ride. May take one today. Started the demo for the addition Friday, looks like more demo than building in this project. Hate tearing out all that hard work we did a couple years ago, but, got to have a sewing room. Hope you guys keep some good weather to enjoy.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Sure,,, go ahead and rub it in Lar!!! Talking about going for a ride and you know I’m bike-less !!! But I’m glad you and Kathy are engoying it.
      Pictures,,, we need pictures of the demo. I’m sure Kathy will be as happy as a Barney would be if Andy was to give him a second bullet.
      You two take care!!

  2. we stayed at Graceland RV Park several years go when it was (if I remember correctly) a KOA. Nice enough park but the neighborhood is a bit “sketchy”. Should be fine for two days though and it puts you right in the middle of everything. The time we stayed there was a BBQ restaurant that would pick you up at your site in limo and take you to their restaurant, kinda fun and good eats too.

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