Travel day to Village Creek State Park in Arkansas

5/31/13… Another move day! After all of the rain Thursday afternoon and evening it sure was warm and humid early today.

We had our morning routine finished and was hooking up the Jeep at 9:30 and was on our way to Village Creek State Park.

Most of it was a pretty boring drive,, mainly freeway. But we had about 165 or so miles to cover so I didn’t mind. And luckily it stayed dry all day!!

Once we jumped off the freeway we had a short 13 miles of country road to drive before we arrived at the park.

I have to tell you a story,,, while driving the country road between the freeway and the park I saw a turtle crossing the road. Now in these parts it’s certainly not uncommon to see a turtle on the road but when I saw it in the middle of my lane I thought,, ok I will just straddle that poor thing and move on. But OH BOY,,, that turtle must have seen us coming and I swear it almost galloped across the road!!! I have never seen a turtle move so fast. Diane and I just looked at each other and started laughing. That thing must have had a near death experience before and wasn’t about to have anything to do with us!!!


Once at the park we stopped at the visitor center to check in and pay for 3 nights then headed to our camp site. We have a pull through that must be 90ft long with 50amp, water and sewer. Not bad for $22 per night with our out of state old fart discount. It is far from the best spot in the campground but it will certainly do.

Our spot At Village Creek State Park.

Our spot At Village Creek State Park.


Village Creek boosts about it’s unique geology, topography, and unusual plant communities here on Crowley’s Ridge, a landform of rolling hills in eastern Arkansas’s Mississippi Alluvial Plain. Crowley’s Ridge is a geologic anomaly, the most unusual of Arkansas’s six major physiographic provinces, or natural divisions. It is covered with a lush, mixed hardwood forest including oak and hickory and uncommon hardwood trees such as American Beech, Sugar Maple, Butternut, Basswood, Cucumbertree, Kentucky Coffeetree, and the Tuliptree or Yellow Poplar. Village Creek State Park is one of five Arkansas state parks located on Crowley’s Ridge. At 6,911 acres, Village Creek is Arkansas’s largest state park in acreage.

There are 5 park trails totaling seven miles that allow hikers the opportunity to explore this forest on their own, ( also read there are 25 miles so I don‘t know which it is) or on a guided trail walk with a park interpreter. Anglers can fish for bass, bream, catfish, and crappie at the park’s two lakes, Lake Austell and Lake Dunn. We are camped closest to Lake Dunn.


The park campground includes 96 campsites. And nestled in the trees are the park’s 10 fully-equipped cabins that feature kitchens and wood-burning fireplaces. They look pretty darn nice!!

The horse camp features 30 campsites with water and electric hookups, an asphalt parking pad, picnic table and grill; a modern bathhouse; horse wash bays; and 66 stalls inside the camping area. The horse stable’s 10′ x 10′ stalls include water, electric, and ceiling fans. Can you believe that!!! Ceiling Fans!!!

A couple of the horse barns

A couple of the horse barns

The stalls look pretty nice and that section of the campground is empty. Diane and I were tempted to see about moving over there, It I think only has 30amp and water. And with the humidity we have at times ran both air conditioners so I’m afraid 30 amps wouldn’t cut it LOL!! Again I say,,, we are not used to this humidity.

And there is a golf course in the park. The Ridges at Village Creek, the park’s 27-hole, Andy Dye signature course. This public course features the rolling terrain of Crowley’s Ridge, dramatic elevation changes, and the backdrop of the surrounding hardwood forest. These combine for an aesthetically pleasing and challenging level of play they say. If we end up staying longer than 3 days we might just check it out.

Saturday night for $5 per head we can jump in a golf cart and take a guided tour at 8pm that will take us through the golf course looking for wildlife. That sounds like fun so we might do that. Depending on weather.

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