Last couple days at Bottomless Lake and Blog catchup LOL!!

OK,, we are behind on the blog because we either have been or are camping down in Palo Duro Canyon State Park and we are in the Mesquite campground which is the deepest in the canyon so there is no internet at all. Well with Verizon anyway. And if this is posted before Thursday it means we have traveled to a area at a different part of the park and I planned to take a computer along to do a update. I don’t know where that would be and I’m not going to stress over it but if it happens it happens LOL!!

Anyway let me go back to the last couple days at Bottomless Lakes State Park.

Saturday and Sunday we just hung around the campground for the most part. Saturday I spent some time cleaning the outside of the rig and Diane vacuumed and dusted the inside. The weather was good and Sunday most everyone packed up and left. Leaving us pretty much alone Sunday afternoon. So we just went for a few walks and let the kid in us take over LOL!!


IMG_4820 IMG_4814


Monday was travel day,, it was time to leave Bottomless Lake State Park in NM . We enjoyed our stay,, the park was clean and had some nice walking trails. The spaces were plenty large with the pull through’s having larger vegetation for added privacy.  I’m sure in the summer time with the large day use area and the lake it would be a busy busy place.

Because we had close to a 5 hour travel day I told Diane I wanted to be headed out at 8am. And we did.

It had drizzled a bit overnight Sunday but as we left it was dry and warm. But it didn’t take long after we headed east out of Roswell for us to hit the drizzle again. Nothing bad but we did have to run the wipers on low and enough to make a mess out of the motor home again after all my cleaning LOL!!

Then as we got closer to Texas we ran into the wind. Again nothing bad. Just enough to make me work a little. And just enough gusts to get my attention on the long straight roads.

Between the wind  blowing some pretty good dust across the roads,, the drizzle and all of the views of huge lot’s filled with cattle crammed all together it wasn’t what we would call a great travel day.

As we pulled into and through the town of Canyon Texas and headed the 12 miles outside of town towards the park I made mention that with all of the flat land that lay around us it’s hard to believe that we are headed towards the second largest canyon in the USA just a few miles down the road.

Even as we pulled into the park and up to the entrance and fee station there were no real indications of a canyon. But once I went in and secured our camping spot and we headed into the park it wasn’t long until we saw the sign along the road saying,,, 10% grade and curvy roads next 2 miles,, and we knew we had arrived LOL!!

The road in was certainly narrow enough that I took my share of it on the switchbacks but it’s wasn’t really all that bad. I just put the motor home in low and turned on the engine brake and I only had to touch the brakes a couple times.

There are 3 main campgrounds in the park for RV’s. The first one you come to and the easiest to get into is Sagebrush. We drove through it and really like it but we wanted to be down in the canyon as far as we could. The second one you come to is Hackberry. It’s pretty good but we both like the other two better. And the 3rd and the one deepest into the canyon is Mesquite. The first 2 campgrounds are probably within 3 miles of the entrance to the park but Mesquite is 8 miles in.


Once you past the 10% grade section of the drive it isn’t bad at all. But you still have to pay a little attention when meeting oncoming traffic. But arriving mid week meant less traffic. I’m sure leaving on Thursday will be less traffic climbing back out,,, I hope.

The Mesquite campground has 20 camp spots and when we pulled in there was only 8 campers including the camp host,,,, not bad!!


Once settled in we went for a couple short walks and decided to kick back the rest of the day. There was suppose to be another rain come through so no reason to be out in it on the trails.

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