Oliver Lee State Park

Oliver Lee campground is set at base the dramatic Sacramento Mountains in the Chihuahuan Desert. The view are just fantastic from all of the camp sites. The mountain views AND the valley views.

The view from our dinner table.

The view from our dinner table.

  There is a historic ranch house in the park and the unique oasis of pools of water under the cottonwood trees of Dog Canyon are a welcome sight after being in the desert so long.

Riparian Nature Trail is one of the hiking trails in the park. It is a short ½ mile nature trail. It’s a easy trail but it does require you to watch your step in a few places. Diane and I have walked it in each direction and I walked it alone one evening. And I’m sure we will walk it again LOL!! 

A view from the end of the easy trail I mentioned... LOOK Green trees!!

A view from the end of the easy trail I mentioned… LOOK Green trees!!

There is another trail called Dog Canyon. It’s a little over 5 miles and it’s all up hill at a pretty steady grade. The people we have talked to call it a challenging hike. We walked up it about a half mile the other night just to take a peak. We had Jack with us so had no intention of going very far. But in the little that we did walk it I could see where it would wear us out pretty fast. But I think we will at least hike it until we feel we have had enough. The elevation here is around 4300ft so not bad and we have hiked at higher elevations but this trail looks a bit tougher than the one we did at City of Rocks and that one was tough enough for me.


We planned to visit White Sands last night but the sky’s had a strange haze to them almost all day and the winds kicked up about the time we planned to head out there so we postponed it to today in hope of a clearer sky. And so far it looks promising. It just means we will camp here a night or two longer than we planned but it’s a great place so we don’t mind.

See the haze in the air I talked about. This was taken from up the Dog Canyon trail a ways. You can see our rig. Farthest one to the left.

See the haze in the air I talked about. This was taken from up the Dog Canyon trail a ways. You can see our rig. Farthest one to the left.

The sites cost $10 per night for rustic sites and $14 with 30amp electric and water. The spot we are in is actually normally filled with a camp host and even has septic. They said they are short one host right now,,, lucky for us LOL!! It would cost us $18 per night if we wanted to hook up to septic so of course we opted not to. We will use the dump station on the way out of the park.

We did drive into Alamogordo yesterday. We are still in need of cabinet hardware for our new computer station and desk. And because there is a Lowes and Home Depot in town we figured we would take a look. But we had no luck. And Diane has been wanting a hummingbird feeder that will stick to a window but we had no luck finding that either. We did however find a Frozen Custard shop and stopped in for a little treat LOL!!



It’s just soooo peaceful here ya just have to love it!!

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4 Responses to Oliver Lee State Park

  1. Lar says:

    FINALY!!!!!! Some trees, must feel like home? I like the idea of a lot fewer other campers too. You are doing a great job, again.

    • Dave & Diane says:

      LOL!! I thought you would like the trees Lar!! And yes,, the less populated campgrounds or boondocking is by far our choice of spots. We try to mix it up I guess. It’s supposed to be in the low 80’s here the next few day so perfect to me.
      And I’m glad you enjoy the blog.

  2. Nancy Marshall says:

    Hi Dave & Diane! Yall are in our backyard. If time allows take 82 to Cloudcroft & take a right headed to Sunspot in the Lincoln NF. There is a scenic byway that dead ends in Timberon. Makes for a great day trip. My husband & I are headed out to “try” full timing for awhile and have a hunting cabin in Timberon!!! Hope to see yall on the road. Best, Nancy and Charles Marshall

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Hi Nancy,,, thanks for the tip. We did a hike this morning and then White Sands. MAybe tomorrow we will look at getting out that way.
      I’m sure you will enjoy the fulltime life style as much as we do.

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