Travel day to Oliver Lee State Park in New Mexico

We hung around Elephant Butte New Mexico until Wed. I guess we kept hearing about cold weather in the direction we want to head so we just didn’t feel any hurry to move on.

But Wed. came around and we decided to hit the road. So after adding a little air to the front tires and filling up with fuel we headed towards Alamogordo and Oliver Lee State Park. It was only a 150 mile travel day so we was off the road early afternoon.

We didn’t have reservations and on the web site it says that the camp spots would only hold Rv’s up to 35ft so we wanted to make sure we would fit. Once we pulled into the park I unhooked the jeep and took a drive into the campground and found a spot that we could get into.IMG_2319

Once all settled and doing a tour of the visitor center we jumped in the jeep and drove the 12 miles into Alamogordo to do our normal scouting out the area run. On the way home we stopped and picked up a pizza for dinner.


Then we took a couple walks and just kicked back.

We enjoyed our stay in Elephant Butte but places like this are really what we like.

Tomorrow we have a couple hikes planned and then we are going to visit the White Sands National Monument. it’s going to be a full moon tomorrow night so it should be a fantastic sight to see.

Our internet is pretty slow here so I will upload some photo’s later.

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