Lunch and the Cactus Ranch

Saturday 4-20-13 after our morning hike we jumped in the jeep and went into Truth or Consequences to visit the Exotic Cactus Ranch. But first I had a more pressing thing to take care of,,,,, MY Stomach !!!! And I wanted to try a deli in town that I heard good things about so we headed to the Happy Belly Deli.

We ordered a Reuben sandwich and a Philly cheese steak with green chili’s. We both ate half of each. Diane’s favorite was the Reuben. It was good but I still had the Reuben we had in Tombstone fresh in my mind and that thing was out of this world so even though very good this one paled in comparison in my mind. My favorite was the Philly with green chili’s. Great taste,, large and the chili’s didn’t over power the sandwich.

The Happy Belly Deli is a small place but has a nice outdoor eating area that was very relaxing. I’d go back again,,, but to try there breakfast burrito that I’ve also head good things about.

I took some pictures but it turns out I didn’t have a flash card in the camera LOL!!! What a dope LOL!!

After lunch we headed to the Cactus Ranch. It was pretty interesting if your into cactus. I’m not particularly a huge fan but Diane likes them. So of course we bought a small one to travel with us. I’m told we have a plant that is going away to make room for the new one,,,, we will see.

Exotic Cactus Ranch

Exotic Cactus Ranch

IMG_4653 IMG_4654 IMG_4655 IMG_4660

It was interesting to see some of the cactus in bloom and flowering. Of course after seeing all the nice ones in bloom or flowering Diane decided to buy this one!!! What the…..!!!! She says she has a soft spot for the underdogs,,,, not what the heck am I supposed to think about that and the fact that she’s with me!!!


All those cactus in bloom and with flowers and Diane picks this one LOL!!!

All those cactus in bloom and with flowers and Diane picks this one LOL!!!

The rest of the day was spent kicking back and a BBQ followed by a bike ride. I only rode about 2 miles against the wind and thought I was going to die but the ride back was MUCH nicer.

Sunday is another ho hum day. Went for our morning walk and sat in the sun reading. I did spend some time cleaning the outside of the RV but not much. We thought about golfing but it’s pretty warm so we put it off. We planned to leave Monday but the feel in the air is that we will be here at least another day. And I don’t care. I have a feeling that after we leave here we are going to be picking up the pace a little. No more spending a week or two in one spot for a while.

I told Diane that it’s getting pretty warm,, maybe we better head for the hills of Colorado but I don’t think that’s going to fly.

While sitting outside Diane did pop off with a odd topic. She started asking which would be easier to fulltime in,,, a motor home or a 5th wheel. I sort of blew her off but as it turned out she was a bit serious. I’m thinking she might be looking for a more homey feel than she’s getting in the motor home. It is true that the 5th wheels have a more homey feel that motor homes but I don’t think you will be hearing anything new on this topic for some time. But ya never know with us LOL!!

Look at the Pelicans that flew over during our morning walk!!

We saw these fly over on our walk Sunday morning

We saw these fly over on our walk Sunday morning

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One Response to Lunch and the Cactus Ranch

  1. Lar says:

    Happy Monday. 75 degrees here Sunday, great garden, mow, pull weeds day. More of the same today. Colorado sounds pretty good to me. You may still have time to get some “South” touring before it really gets hot and humid. Kentucky, Tenn., and the Carolinas are very nice late April and May. I will have the trailer shipped (shipping comes free with it). If I don’t get the one on Ebay I will order one from the factory. Now to get a hitch and wireing harness lined up. Have to plan a run up to Portland, Kathy has some shirt tail relatives that both ride and want a couple days of instruction, not sure I am the guy for the job but will give it a try.
    Still don’t have anything in stone with Don for this summer but did talk about a run across B.C. and Washington maybe in Jule or August. Nothing going with the few guys left around here. Used to be fun doing an all year planning for the “Boys ride”. That is a thing of the past, glad I was here when it was happening.
    Keep up the good work.

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