Still in Elephant Butte

We haven’t done much since our trip to Chloride on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday were windy and cooler days again so we just hung around,, did our morning hikes and watched way to much CNN news but we really got wrapped up in the Boston bombing situation.

Thursday we decided to take a jeep run out to Monticello. We heard there was a 4×4 road out that way. So we drove hwy52 to hwy142 and drove through Placita and Monticello until we ran into a sign that said,,,,4×4 vehicles recommended. We kept going until we cam across another,,, 4×4 vehicles recommended beyond this point,,,, we kept going,, well you get the idea.

Downtown Monticello New Mexico

Downtown Monticello New Mexico

As it turned out the road itself never did get to what we would call a 4×4 road however we did count 28 water crossings none of which were exciting other than we found water!!! And it did take us into a canyon that had some pretty good views. The only wildlife we ran across were cows.

8 7 6

We just finished driving through a huge dust storm. Then I saw this car along side the road!! I thought it fitting LOL!!

We just finished driving through a huge dust storm. Then I saw this car along side the road!! I thought it fitting LOL!!

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Friday was a cleaning day,,, I washed the jeep and put on a coat of wax. A friend (Bob) works for 3m and he gave me a bottle of wax while at the RV Dreams Boon docking Rally and let me say that stuff is great!!

Then it was Jacks turn,,, they have a very nice coin operated dog wash station here at the RV park so we used it. Jack loves his baths. It cost $7 to get it going and we pumped in another $2 for extra time so it cost us $9. A lot better than taking him to a shop that charges around $40. We sure miss Lisa, our dog groomer back home, She charged $25 and that included doing his nails and trimming.

Jack loves his baths

Jack loves his baths


While Diane and I sat outside with Jack while he did his final drying in the sun I grabbed my large California duster and started touching up the motor home. With all the wind it sure is dusty. I didn’t get the ladder out so I guess I need to do that some time this weekend and really finish the job.

I think Saturday Diane wants to go to a cactus greenhouse and then maybe to steakhouse for dinner. We have heard it’s the best place in town. It is only open for dinners and has been packed every time we have driven by.

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