Travel day to Elephant Butte, New Mexico

Monday April 8th rolled around and it was time to leave City of Rocks State Park after 7 days and head to a new location.

We picked Elephant Butte RV Resort for our next stop. We would have gone straight to the state park but we have not had mail forwarded for a while and we need to catch up. Plus Diane had her taxes done and she needs to sign them and get them in the mail. PLUS,,, we finally had cards made up by Vista Print and they will be delivered to the park also.

We would have just done 3 days here at the Passport America rate but really had no idea just when everything was going to arrive so we paid for a week. I would have almost rather paid for a month and stayed for 2 weeks to average our daily cost down but then I really want to move on from here and get to our next location that will be back out in sticks again. Well sort of.

But this will do just fine for the mail and catching up on laundry and getting some shopping done.

Anyway,, we did get a little earlier start than normal today. I really wanted to get on the road and to our destination before the all so talked about wind storm hit.

We left the park and headed back towards Deming so we could catch HWY 26. Even though we left early we had some cross wind to deal with until we headed east on 26 then the drive was great with the tail wind. Well until we headed north on I-25. There was a few gusts that caught my attention LOL.

I planned to go into Deming to fuel up but decided I had half a tank so we would just move on with the storm lurking in my mind.

The drive took a little less than 3 hours so not bad but the wind had already started blowing pretty good. In fact it blew hard enough that I put the 2 passenger slides back in because the slide toppers were getting beat to death.

After setting up and a little time for relaxing we decided to do our normal driving tour to get a lay of the land. We went down to the Elephant Butte state park and scoped out the campground and then left and skirted the lake to look at the South Monticello campground.

Then we headed back into the town of Elephant Butte and on into Truth or Consequences to look around. We found a couple things that looked of interest plus we have a couple ghost town picked out to visit while we are here.

By that time I was so tired of it blowing so hard that every time I rolled down a window I would get sandblasted that we decided to head home,, drop Jack off and head off to grab a bite to eat.

Then back home to rock and roll with the wind!!! This is the most wind we have encountered since we hit the road. It really has the RV moving. And the sand and dust!!! We have some cleaning to do LOL!! It is supposed to blow hard until late into the night. Should be fun sleeping.

Not a very exciting day but I guess they can’t all be.

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