Our stay at City of Rocks is coming to a close soon!!

Since our last update we have simply been enjoying the campground ,,sun,, and quiet. Even though it has been a bit on the breezy side in the afternoons it’s been great.

Friday was a real kick back day. We did a short walk in the morning and just lazed around the campsite almost the entire day reading and talking about various important life details like,,, where are those cows today,, and,, wouldn’t it be nice to fly like those ravens,, and,, what are we having for dinner?  After dinner we did go walk in the rocks and watch the sunset.

Let be bounce back a bit…. Thursday morning as I was doing a short walk around the Pegasus loop a couple asked if I would do them a favor as I was walking past there camp site. I said sure,, what. They wanted me to take a picture of them and there rig. It turned out to be there first time dry camping. They left New York in Jan. and are doing a 8 month tour of the US before heading home. ( Another set of travelers that have covered 3 times the distance in a shorter time than we have been on the road!! We ARE slow old farts I guess LOL)

Anyway,,, it turn out they are heavy into astrology and travel with a nice telescope and tripod. And they asked if we would like to come by around 8:30 or 9 to do a little star gazing. So after our sunset stroll in the rocks and a little time lapse we did stroll over.

The extent of our astrology experience has pretty much been the phone app (Google sky) which we have some fun with now and again. But it was pretty interesting having a one on one star gazing experience with someone that apparently really knew his stuff.

We looked at Jupiter and it’s 4 moons, we saw Beetle Juice and Sirius. And we looked in wonder at the galaxies with the millions of stars.

After a while of looking into the skies we went inside their 5th wheel and picked there brains on places in New York that we might want to visit when we get there.

It turned out they planned to leave Saturday morning after a 2 day stay here at City of Rocks. So we said our ,, see ya down the roads,, and headed home.

———————————————————————————————————-Saturday morning we wanted to do a little moving after a dormant day on Friday so after our morning routine we all headed out on a 4 mile hike. It was a easy hike but enjoyable.

About the only shade to be found on our hike today.

About the only shade to be found on our hike today.

After the hike we came home and I decided it was time to reorganize our underneath storage. We have been on the road almost 5 months now and when we hit the road we lived by the,, everything has a place and everything in it’s place,,, mentality but over time little things happen and it doesn’t take long for small storage areas to get cluttered. Plus when we hit the road I put things front and center that I thought we would use the most and thing’s I figured we used less to the rear. And again things change OR I was just plain wrong to begin with. And of course you have the weight issue to think about.

When I finished I was pretty happy with the final results. I was even able to create a little more open space plus I was able to move a few heavy items to the drivers side that was on the passenger side before. And the driver side has always been the lighter side. SUCCESS!!  For now LOL!!

Diane had been showering and tinkering inside while I worked outside, it was to breezy outside for her to sit. Heck I even fought things blowing away as I worked LOL!! So I went inside to kick back with her for a while.

Once again we started talking about different topics and one that came up was just where we wanted to go next and if we wanted to continue into Texas and on east or if we wanted to spend more time in New Mexico and then head north into Colorado to avoid the heat and work our way east in the northern states. Maybe missing some of the summer humidity on the east coast by working our way south from say Maine in Sept. or Oct. and then wintering in maybe Texas. And then when would we make it back to Grants Pass to visit friends and check on our piece of land. And how about getting to Portland to visit family and friends during the summer of 2014. WOW!!! There just is no real wrong answer. And I don’t really have a preference,, I just want to travel,, see new things and enjoy life without a schedule.

After talking about all that STUFF for a while I said,,, here’s the map think about it a while,,, and I went back outside to tinker a bit more LOL!!! When I went back inside it turned out we still don’t have a idea just where we will go next LOL!! Other than we know we will leave here on Monday and go to Elephant Butte New Mexico for at least 3 days.  And that’s just fine. Oh some of the stresses we have to live with as full timers.

As the day went on we just took a couple more short walks and waited until 7pm came around so we could head down to the Orion group camp site where the park has a small observatory and a astronomy talk was planned to take place.

After dinner we headed to the observatory and sat with what turned out to be a pretty sized group of people waiting for darkness to drape over us so the talk could commence.

Matt was the speaker of the evening and does this on a volunteer basis. Once again not being well versed in astronomy we were amazed at all the things we had absolutely no idea existed.

The observitory at City of Rocks State Park

The observitory at City of Rocks State Park


One of the neat things that happened was we were able to see the ISS (International Space Station) fly over. Here is a link to a pretty good read. It’s amazing what happens every day that we just don’t think about.


Matt did a great job answering everyone’s questions and pointing out the various stars and consolations.

Another thing that amazes me is… out here in a very very dark environment if you were to look into the sky and every star you could see with the naked eye was a grain of sand there would be enough grains to fill a thimble. BUT if every star in JUST THE MILKYWAY GALAXIE was a grain of sand there would be enough grains of sand to fill a dump truck. And just think,, they say there are more than 100 to 200 billion galaxies and some say even way more.


Pretty crazy if you stop to think about it.

After the talk we made our way home in the dark (a  ¾ mile hike) and kicked back until around 11pm when it was time to call it a day.

Friday will be our last day in City of Rocks State Park and we plan to do what might be the best hike in the area. The hike up Tabletop Mountain!!

We will hike close to the base in the middle then circle to the left of the mountail where we will have a steep climb to the first level you see. Then we will hake along the first level to the right where we will have another climb to the upper level. Should be fun.

We will hike close to the base in the middle then circle to the left of the mountail where we will have a steep climb to the first level you see. Then we will hake along the first level to the right where we will have another climb to the upper level. Should be fun.

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