Another day at City of Rocks

Oh I sure wish I had my young knee’s back again!! And a few other things I had when younger as well LOL!!!

And watching Diane I know she feels the same way about her back but she sure hates to admit it.

I see spots I want to climb but I find myself just looking instead of acting. And because I act a little more than I maybe should I help keep the MSN and Advil suppliers in business. And so does Diane.

I guess having worked on concrete floors the last 30 some odd years has taken it’s toll. But I should be thankful that we have been able to take off on this adventure as young as we have. Who knows, in another 10 years these old knee’s just could be in worse shape and maybe we couldn’t even do what we do today.  OR maybe,, just maybe this new lifestyle will be our fountain of youth!!! Only time will tell.

Regardless I’m sure happy we are doing what we are doing now instead of later. Maybe I should call a couple of the people that made me realize there is more to life than putting your heart and soul into your job longer than you really need to. But I won’t.

For those of you that know the story or have read about the person that made me have that horrific day at work that really started the ball rolling for me towards this life style. Well on the 1 year anniversary of that terrible day I sat down and wrote a letter informing him just how I felt and sent it off. That to me was MY closure to that event.

He did send back a note saying that he was going to be busy for the next two weeks but did want to take time to reply and that his comments that day were not meant to be directed AT me. Well that replay was 2 months ago now.  But I’m not really concerned,,, I should be thanking him for making me decide to move on to this new way of life.

OK,, enough verbage for this update LOL!! Tonight makes 4 nights here and we love it. Enough that I think we will head down to the visitor center and try to get 3 more night’s. It is just so peaceful and there are so many places to walk. And there is no reason to hurry off.

Here are a few more pictures.

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6 Responses to Another day at City of Rocks

  1. Your pictures are great! We are going to have to put that on our list. We decided that we would head North from Phoenix instead of heading back to Deming. We really want to get this DL and registration thing behind us in SD. We are enjoying following your adventures. Continue to have safe travels.

  2. Lar says:

    Hey guys, look like a couple of old desert rats…..and, that is a goog thing. I sure enjoy the rocks and trying to figure out how they get where they are. We are in mission Viejo at Kathy’s daughter. Stopped at dons in apple valley last weekend, had the big expensive golf club buffet on Easter, yumm..yumm. Don doing ok, but cost me few thousand to stop there, he has a new 3d smart tv. And of course it does everything but wipe you, so we had to order up. Then stopped in San bernadino at cheaper rely m.c. Shop and spent another grand on gear for Kathy. Can’t really blame that on don, but will anyway, lol. Heading towards Palm Springs later today, then to Mesa on saturday. Too bad you are too Far East for us to catch on this trip, we have to get back in time to dick with taxes. Miss you guys, lar

  3. bjdewell says:

    Glad you are enjoying City of Rocks so much. I left this morning, but recognized some of the rocks in this post – I think. There are so many amazing formations. I’m really glad I was able to stay there a couple of weeks, definitely one of a kind.

  4. Very nice! We will be sure to add City of Rocks to our must see list.

  5. Looks like such a neat place. We definitely have it on our list of places to camp. 24 months to go and we are outta here. Kris

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