Day 1 in Deming New Mexico

Man it was a noisy night!! But this RV park is close to the freeway for one and we are also VERY close to the railroadl. And between the two I had to laugh out loud when we went to bed saying,,, this should be fun!!

If I tee’ed up a golf ball I could probably hit the freeway with a driver and a 5 iron. And the railroad tracks are probably another 5 iron LOL!!

Oh well it’s all part of the adventure.

Anyway we lost a hour when we came into New Mexico so we slept in a little longer than normal and got a later start to the day but that’s ok,, we really didn’t have any plans.

When we did finally get around the first thing we did was hit the Visitors Center. And it’s a nice one! It’s designed to replicate a Southern Pacific Train Depot complete with a steam engine and caboose.

At the Visitor center in Deming New Mexico

At the Visitor center in Deming New Mexico

DIANE!!! What are you doing up there!!!

DIANE!!! What are you doing up there!!!

I told Diane if she didn't straighten up that I might do something drastic!!

I told Diane if she didn’t straighten up that I might do something drastic!!

In the midst of our driving around we happened across Blake’s Lotaburger. I guess they have around 72 locations in New Mexico and the reviews that I have read have all been very good and everyone raves about the burger with green chili’s. Sooooo,,, we had a little lunch there. I’d have to agree that it was a good burger but the green chili’s are what really set it off. Now add a side of spicy fries to that meal and my forehead had a little glisten by the time I finished LOL!!

After lunch (a LATE lunch) we thought we would head out to the Hidden Valley RV Park. We have a couple of friends (Gina and DJ) that have been camped there for close to a month now. It’s about 10 miles outside of town but you would never know it was there. It is literally sitting in the middle of nowhere.  It’s not some place you would just happen across.

Unfortunately we don’t have there # so we couldn’t call in advance and they were not home. I’m not sure it would have made a difference having there phone numbers because when I checked my phone while standing next to Gina’s RV I had no service. But I’m sure we will run into them again down the road.

After that we just drove around town and checked out some of the old buildings in the area and went past the Mimbres Museum. We didn’t go in but there were a couple neat things sitting outside.

IMG_4356 IMG_4355

Then it was time to head home. On the way I stopped at the local Jeep dealer to see about a oil change. But the guys had just closed shop. I was told if I rolled in at 8:30 Monday morning that I could get right in. Checkout isn’t until noon and we will have a short travel day to The City of Rocks so I guess that’s my plan at this point.

I hate that I have free lifetime oil changes at Lithia Motors and now I have to pay for them while on the road. I guess there is a Lithia’s someplace in Texas so maybe I can squeeze one in there if it’s in our path.

After that late lunch and that big burger Diane is finally going to get her way and we are having oatmeal for dinner LOL!!

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4 Responses to Day 1 in Deming New Mexico

  1. gina says:

    Sorry we missed you guys, planning on going to City of Rocks on Monday for a hike, prob afternoon sometime, we will come look for you 🙂


  2. It was so nice meeting today, Diane! I hope you DO come by to see my roosting Ravens.. Looking forward to following along with you and Dave. 🙂

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