Extended time in Benson

Well the last couple days are easy to write about,,, we haven’t done squat.

Thursday was really a kick back day for the most part.

Thursday I ran in to the ACE store to pick up a few things for a project and Diane cleaned the motor home while I was gone. I wondered around long enough getting my hardware store fix to make sure she had time to finish before I returned LOL!!

The rest of the day was spent doing a short hike and a couple bike rides along with some time in the lawn chairs enjoying the weather.

The highlight of the day was probably chatting with my old assistant manager and good friend Troy. We seem to hook up on the phone every 2 or 3 weeks it seems.

We also had to decide just what the heck we were going to do as far as travels. We were paid up through Thursday night and originally  planned to head into New Mexico Friday,, and Friday was almost here and we had no plans LOL!!

But we had been watching the weather in Deming the last few days and saw that the daytime temps have been fine but the nights had been dipping into the low 30’s. Compare that to the nighttime temps here in the upper 40’s to mid 50’s and daytime temps in the 80 degree range and I really think we knew what we would do without even talking about it. Diane went down and paid for another week here.

Besides there are a couple dirt trails we want to check out and there is a nice shop here that will come in handy for a project I have to take care of. Plus we are enjoying the kicked back friendly attitude everyone has here.

Friday the 22nd rolled around and after breakfast Diane decided it was time to go grocery shopping.

That worked great for me because the project I had in mind required that I have the power turned off for a while.

The project was converting a couple florescent light fixtures to LED fixtures.

Not really a big task but I had never done it before so the first one went slow.

I had to take the fixtures down, take them over to the shop where I could use there drill press to drill out the rivets so I could take the fixture apart and remove the ballast and get to the wires, then rewire the fixture to accept the LED light strips, then re-hang the fixtures.

Theres out light on the drill press

Theres out light on the drill press

They have a nice shop here at the park. Drill press, table saw, bandsaw, a bunch of hand tools and acc. Mainly a wood working shop.

They have a nice shop here at the park. Drill press, table saw, bandsaw, a bunch of hand tools and acc. Mainly a wood working shop.

This one already has the ballast and extra wires removed

This one already has the ballast and extra wires removed

Rewired and back up on the cieling waiting for the cover to go mack on.

Rewired and back up on the cieling waiting for the cover to go mack on.

We have already converted all of our wall lights and vanity lights and 2 ceiling fixtures as well as a few outside fixtures to LED but still had 7 fluorescent ceiling lights to convert.

I only did 2 fixtures today because as it turns out I didn’t have enough wire to finish the rest. It takes more wire than I anticipated and I figured ,,, ahhhh what the heck,,, there is always tomorrow to do a couple more LOL!! And if tomorrow doesn’t come then it really doesn’t matter anyway.

It sounds like Diane had a better time shopping than I did working around the RV. After Diane returned and things settled down a bit she told me a nice guy was chatting with her about some online app that would bring up all of the ad’s in the area therefore helping you get the best deals in town.

Then the conversation to a weird turn when he asked if she knew what a Menasha was,,, she replied yes, he then asked if she would be interested in joining him and his wife!!! She replied no and that she has a man. Now that nice guy said,, well would he be interested as well and if so that would be great. LOL!!! Diane then simply told him she thought it was time for her to continue her shopping but thanks for the shopping tip. So as it turns out Diane and I will be spending the evening in front of the TV it seems LOL!!!

I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring but I better keep a closer eye on Diane!!! LOL!!!

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4 Responses to Extended time in Benson

  1. Kyra says:

    menage a trois? The most interesting things happen to you two!

  2. Lar says:

    WOW, now you are really meeting some interesting folks. We just got back from a Cannon Beach trip with Lee and Coleen, kind of a birthday trip, had lots of laughs. Then a birthday dinner at Kobe’s with Brissettes last night, “Happy Birthday” sang to him in Chineese, that was a first for him, LOL. Great weather here. Kathy and I are heading to southern ca, end of next week. Will be at don’s in Apple Valley for easter, then down to Mission Viejo area for the week. Not sure we will get east as far as New mexico, sure would like to see you.
    Miss you guys, lar

  3. Nice Job on the lights, now wait until Diane starts cleaning the rig again and then go and get more wire.

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