Road trip of the Dragoon Mountains

Saturday 3-16-13 was a get the normal stuff done day so after our morning walk and bike ride we headed into Benson and did our grocery shopping. Once we finished our (stuff) we tossed Jack in the jeep and went out for a tour around town and the surrounding areas.

After that we went over to the clubhouse and poked around for a bit and sat out front on a park bench and enjoyed the view.

Everyone so far has been very friendly here at the park. We have chatted it up with a number of people already.

Sunday 3-17-13 we decided we would do a driving tour of the Dragoon Mountains in the Coronado National Forest. So after breakfast we tossed Jack in the jeep and headed towards Tombstone and then turned off on Middlemarch Road (Forest road 345).

The road started out a very very wide gravel road that lead us through some rolling terrain with the Dragoon Mountains in a distance. It didn’t take long,, maybe 10 miles,, and the road narrowed to basically a single lane road that took us up into the mountains.

IMG_4126 IMG_4128

It was a nice drive with some great view but I guessed we would be up in the mountains a lot longer than we were. When we go jeeping back in Oregon we would head up mid morning and come down in the dark most of the time. But it only took us maybe a hour and a half until we found ourselves descending the back side of the Dragoons and headed towards Pearce Arizona.


A veiw from the hightest point

A veiw from the hightest point



After spending a short time in Pearce we headed to hwy191 and took it to Ironwood Road and followed it to the Cochise Stronghold. Clicking this link will provide some interesting reading.

I could just imagine being a settler or a member of the military riding through this area knowing that Cochise and his crew could be up in those rocks ready to shoot flaming arrows down at us. It would be a eerie feeling for sure.

IMG_1989 IMG_4137 IMG_1987

With the hot weather the rattle snacks and scorpions are out now so we didn’t wonder off on any trails with Jack.

After leaving the Stronghold we headed on towards the town of Willcox and Dragoon and then jumped on I-10 and headed to Benson and home.


The town of Dragoon is located halfway between Willcox and Benson, just off Interstate 10. Dragoon, and the local Dragoon Mountains, takes its name from a U.S. Cavalry unit.


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2 Responses to Road trip of the Dragoon Mountains

  1. colibabas says:

    We are still stalking you from afar! We rode our quads thru the Cochise Stronghold area a couple of years ago. There was some snow left over from a snow storm a couple of days before our ride.
    Safe travels!

    • Dave & Diane says:

      Oh I bet there was some great quad riding in that area. And snow would make it fun as well. Part way over the Dragoons on the dry hardpack roads I looked over at Diane and said,,, PLEASE give me some mud LOL!!
      Look like you guys have a nice trip planned coming up.

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